Rewondered: Before and After – Prom Dress To Wedding Dress

The Rewondered: Before and After series will feature some of my favorite transformations in rewondering.  I’ll show you what I started with, tell you what I did to rewonder the item, then show you the finished piece.  We’re starting with my wedding dress.

I picked up this silver prom dress at Goodwill for $5.  It didn’t look very exciting on the hanger, and I figured I’d use it for the fabric or something.

BEFORE - Silver Prom Dress on Hanger - Front

BEFORE – Silver Prom Dress on Hanger – Front

BEFORE - Silver Prom Dress on Hanger - Back

BEFORE – Silver Prom Dress on Hanger – Back

It’s not easy to see in the pic, but I like the gathering on the back around the zipper.  I decided to try the dress on and was amazed at how well it fit me, and I began to envision what I could do to it to turn it into my dream dress.  I had originally planned to do separate pieces: a corset top, layered skirts, a shrug to cover my shoulders, etc.  I (badly) drew my idea in a notebook while I was in Florida last March:

Wedding Dress Design Idea

Wedding Dress Design Idea

So with a little tweaking of my design I got to work on a lot of tweaking of the dress.  First, I fixed the halter strap, which was missing a hook and eye to keep it together at the back of my neck.  Next, I sewed elastic under the front seams of the skirt, causing it to gather.  It didn’t end up as short as I wanted, so I tacked the edges of the hem up at the waist underneath, forming more of a bubble skirt.  I decided to leave the back as is, but the front needed something, so I took eye pins from my jewelry supply stash and made hooks that I hand sewed to the bodice along the front seams, then threaded a dark grey ribbon through them, corset style.  I found this adorable white tulle with silver stars on it and made “sleeves” instead of the originally planned shrug.  I ended up with this:

AFTER - Finished Wedding Dress on Hanger

AFTER – Finished Wedding Dress on Hanger

Add the multi-color tutu petticoat I made earlier underneath, and this is what it looks like on me (without my hair done or any makeup on… I’m a great model, huh?)

AFTER - Me Wearing My Wedding Dress

AFTER – Me Wearing My Wedding Dress

I still need to do a few more tweaks to it.  A couple of the hooks came off (as you can tell in the picture if you look closely) so I need to fix those and rethread the ribbon, and work on the sleeves a bit.  I’m thinking about removing some of the tulle or making a new petticoat that is a little less full.  All in all, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.  Also, for any of you superstitious folks that are going to freak out about Lorne seeing my dress before the wedding if he reads this blog (which he does), it’s far too late, as he’s the one who took the pictures.  We don’t believe in any of those superstitions, and we already feel like we’re married, we’re just making it all legal and sharing the day with our friends and family.  Besides, if he took a picture of me doing “I’m a Little Teapot” while wearing this dress, and I post it on the internet, it must be love, right? 🙂

I'm A Little Teapot

I’m A Little Teapot

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