Restaurants and Reprinting

If you saw my status update on Rewondered’s Facebook page last night, and you probably didn’t, you know that I spent all day yesterday listing my jewelry on eBay.  Except for that “quick break” to eat dinner with Lorne that turned into about three hours of watching Restaurant: Impossible.  I don’t usually watch TV, but I’ve always enjoyed the makeover type shows and the amazing results they can achieve on a relatively small budget.  And since this show is business-related, it got my attention.

On Restaurant: Impossible, they have $10,000 to redecorate the restaurant and purchase new equipment.  Interesting number, since I’ve laid out exactly what I would do with $10,000 in my IndieGoGo camapaign (see the Redouble perk).  The first episode we watched was for the cafe run by a high school culinary arts program.  If they weren’t able to make the cafe profitable, they wouldn’t have the funds to continue the program.  Ouch, that hit rather close to home, as I’m still milking every penny in sales to keep Rewondered going.  The second episode had a woman whose need to control every aspect of the business was driving it into the ground, and her family away.  She was even afraid to let the cook she hired do the cooking!  Now, I run a one-woman, handmade business, so there’s not a lot I can delegate, but I need to remember to let people help me, and not let my own fear cause me to hold on too tight and strangle my business.  The third episode featured a restaurant that looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in the 13 years the woman had owned it.  Yikes!  My studio is a bit of a disaster right now as I work on all the new products, but at least it’s nowhere near as nasty as that place was!  The woman also had a brother who was running a successful restaurant, but she hadn’t asked him for any help or advice.   This reminded me that I need to look at all those “how to be successful” blogs and articles that I’ve bookmarked and downloaded, and to look at who I know who might be able to point me in the right direction.

Yes, even when I’m relaxing, watching TV, I’m still thinking about my business. 😛

And I didn’t get a chance to make or post anything new yesterday, so I had planned to do six today.  I was working on items that had elements that needed to be printed, and while printing the fifth one, my printer ran out of ink.  Doh!  So you get four today, and I’ll aim for five tomorrow.

It was another wedding theme day, as I made favors and decorations.  They mostly use the fonts I used in our Save The Dates, and the “logo” I made using our names.  My name is in a font similar to the Star Wars logo, since I’m a big Star Wars fan, and Lorne’s name is in a font similar to the World of Warcraft logo, which is the game he played most until Diablo 3 came out.  I love playing around with fonts and have made a variety of logos and text-based art in the past.

I know I’m going to be an emotional wreck on my wedding day, so I thought providing the guests with some tissues, whether to use themselves or just hand to me, might be useful.  I found some multi-colored travel tissue packages and added labels that say “For Your Happy Tears” and have our logo and wedding date.

Tissue Wedding Favors "For Your Happy Tears"

Tissue Wedding Favors “For Your Happy Tears”

Since our wedding will be in our friends’ backyard, we don’t want people throwing confetti or rice or otherwise making a big mess, so we’ll go with the wedding bubbles instead.  I added new labels to multi-color bottles.  I played around with a lot of different quotes, sayings, and song lyrics, but my favorite was one I made up myself, inspired by this poem by John Webster: “In all our quest of greatness, like wanton boys, whose pastime is their care, we follow after bubbles, blown in the air.”  I’m a big proponent of following ones dreams, and that’s one of the things that led me to Lorne, so “Dreams, like bubbles, should be chased” is very fitting.

Wedding Bubbles Favors

Wedding Bubbles Favors

Another thing that brought Lorne and I together is music, so I thought doing decorations using song lyrics would be awesome.  This is a framed text-based art print using a lyric from “Marry Me” by Train (which I used to announce our engagement here on this blog).  Several of these using different quotes and placed here and there will make great decorations, and can be put up on the walls of our home after the wedding.

Song Lyric Framed Text-Based Art Print

Song Lyric Framed Text-Based Art Print

Then I started working on some fun banners, but was only able to finish one.  There will be more next week after I get some more ink!  This one is made to look like Scrabble tiles.  Lorne looked a little green around the gills when he saw it, and I’m guessing it’s because he was afraid I’d ask him to play Scrabble again. 😛

"Just Married" Scrabble Tile Banner

“Just Married” Scrabble Tile Banner

And that’s going to do it for tonight!  I am late for my date with Lorne to play some Diablo 3, so I better not keep him waiting any longer! 🙂

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