The Final Countdown – 4…

Four days left in my IndieGoGo campaign!  The marching band geek in me squeed when I found this one:


For those that didn’t know me in my past life (aka before my divorce), I used to be on the Color Guard of the Get A Life Marching Band, the One More Time Around Again Marching Band, and the Oregon State Alumni Band (even though I never attended Oregon State).  I miss spinning a flag and marching in parades, but I don’t miss rehearsals/performances three or four times a week.  How would I fit those into my schedule?  But summer is parade season and I can’t help but be nostalgic.

So I’m in a bit of a retrospective mood already, and when I look at the calendar, I realize it was three years ago today that I got laid off from my full-time job as an Administrative Assistant for a non-profit agency due to budget cuts.  It wasn’t a surprise, I knew it was coming, and had already moved out of my apartment and packed up my car to go stay with a friend while I figured out what to do.  I had started my college classes a few months earlier with the intention of starting my own business eventually, but “eventually” came sooner than I expected.

I began exploring my options.  I loved the idea of starting my own event planning business, but I didn’t feel I had the connections or funds necessary to make that work for me.  What I did have was a ton of used merchandise sitting in storage and a creative streak a mile wide.  I’ve always wanted to own a used bookstore or secondhand clothing shop, but again I didn’t have the funds necessary to open a brick and mortar store.  So I decided to set up an online secondhand shop.  As time went on, I realized I needed to narrow my focus, so I settled on jewelry, and I’m slowly expanding into clothing, costumes, accessories, and other handmade and upcycled items.

I still love the idea of opening a store of my own, but I also love the flexibility of an online business.  I like being able to go visit friends for the weekend, or take a day off to concentrate on my homework.  I like being able to work in my pajamas, and can still get at least some stuff done when I’m sick.  So the idea of a store will have to wait until I have enough funds to not only start and run it, but also hire someone to mind it.

For now, I will continue on with the plans outlined in my IndieGoGo campaign, implementing things as I have the funds to do so.  I am grateful for the contributions I’ve received so far, and every bit will go directly into the business.  I’ll be continuing to make and post new items for the rest of this week, and next week I’ll concentrate on adding new items to my Etsy shop and online store.  Today, I need to work on a homework assignment first and foremost, then I can get back in the studio again.  I have several projects in various states of completion, so hopefully by tomorrow I’ll have some actually finished!

My gogofactor is up this week, but still not enough to make it onto IndieGoGo’s site anywhere.  So I’d love it if you could go to and use the tools in the Share This Campaign section under the video.  You can find more complete instructions in my Day 10 post.  IndieGoGo’s research shows that people need to see my campaign three times before they make a contribution, so click here, then here, then here and then choose a perk! 😛  You can also make a contribution without choosing a perk, if you want.  All contributions of $10 or more will receive a $25 gift certificate to my Etsy shop or online store, in addition to any other perks claimed.  For more information about making a contribution, read this post, and for more information about receiving the perk you choose, read this one.

Thank you for your support, I appreciate it more than I have words to express.

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