Repost: Facing the Fear

I’m home from Ohio, and I’ll have more for you tomorrow, but today I was reminded of this old post I wrote about three years ago, and felt the need to reshare.


Originally posted Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

I have a horrible, unreasonable but completely paralyzing fear of crowds. I think it’s a form of Agoraphobia, I feel trapped and afraid I won’t be able to escape. I’ve had panic attacks at concerts and dance clubs, and gotten quite violent trying to get free. Now I have no problem with confined spaces where I’m alone or with friends, and I can even be on a crowded bus or train just fine (maybe because I know it’s always just for a few minutes), but the larger the crowd of strangers, the greater my fear. I have no idea where this comes from. And as much as I tell myself I’m being stupid, I can’t get over it.

I LOVE music. I love dancing, I love concerts, I love singing. Music is very, very important to me. It’s one of the reasons I love DJing so much. I think I’d rather go blind than not be able to hear music anymore. So I love going to concerts, but I usually go to ones where I have my own seat and thus SOME personal space. Or I take friends with me to surround myself with so no strangers are touching me. In fact, I’ve never gone to a concert alone. Until Wednesday, August 19th.

Let me back up a little bit here and talk about the concert I went to on Friday, August 14th. It was CrueFest and I’d promised my roommate months ago that I would go with him. I nearly backed out though. Large outdoor concerts are the worst for me. There’s no assigned seating and everyone is always pressing to get closer to the stage. Doesn’t help that I’m short and if I get caught up in that crowd I can’t see the stage or an escape route. Having two close friends with me in that type of environment wasn’t enough to prevent a panic attack at a Van Halen concert in my past, and I was going to go with just one this time? But my roommate told me he didn’t care if I was completely incapacitated, he’d toss me over his shoulder and take me to CrueFest. So I went. I gulped down two glasses of wine as soon as we got there and we found a place off to the side that wasn’t very crowded. Not the best view but it worked for me. I was able to enjoy the show and was glad I went.

On the way in I saw the marquee advertising the next show. Saving Abel, Papa Roach, Hinder, and Nickelback on Wednesday, August 19th. I ADORE all of these bands! I have to go to this! A chance to see all four at one time, I can’t pass that up! Only one problem: NO ONE CAN GO WITH ME.

And thus sets in the panic.

I waffled all the way up until it was time to leave. I arranged for coverage of my show on The Cape. I told myself I couldn’t afford it anyway. I got the albums I didn’t have yet of those four bands and listened to a continual playlist of every song I have by them for four days. I alternated between convincing myself to go, and convincing myself not to. And I cried. I got myself so stressed out that the only way to release it was through tears.

Wednesday was the worst, of course. I tried taking a long, hot bath to relax me, reading something frivolous enough to occupy my mind but not tax it. But the closer it got to the time to leave, the worse I got. I was shaking and crying for a good hour. And berating myself for being so stupid. I HATE having this fear but I don’t know how to turn it off. Intellectually I understand how unreasonable it is, but that doesn’t stop my heart from racing.

Lucky for me I have some really good friends. I was chatting through IMs with a couple of them who basically gave me a pep talk, telling me that I was strong enough to do this and I’d have a good time, that I’d always regret not going. One suggested imagining that his City of Heroes character, a big rock giant guy, was there with me as my bodyguard. That made me giggle. So after their encouraging words, I got in my car.

As I sat there waiting for the AC to kick in, taking deep breaths and repeating the “you can do this” mantra, my radio happened to be tuned in to the station sponsoring the show. They were talking about the concert and then played a song by Papa Roach. It was Lifeline. I had to laugh, how much more appropriate could it get? That’s exactly what I was doing, looking for a lifeline to get myself through this.

I got a phone call on my way to the show and my best friend kept me entertained as I made my way to the show, parked, bought my ticket, and got through the gate. I looked at all the people inside and stopped, taking another deep breath to try and calm my racing heart. I looked to my left and saw a sign! It said Southern Comfort. My favorite! I knew I couldn’t get as drunk as I’d like to get me through this ordeal since I was driving home after the show, but I figured one drink to relax me at the beginning would be worked through my system by the time the show was over. So I bought a Hurricane and wended my way through the crowd to the far side, near where we had been for CrueFest. I was hoping to get a little better view of the stage than we had had on Friday, so I went up the little hill and staked out a spot just at the top of the rise. I figured people wouldn’t stand on the actual slope so I had an escape route. And a pretty decent view of the stage. My timing was perfect because Saving Abel came on just then and broke in the evening with one of my favorite songs of theirs, New Tattoo.

I was able to lose myself in the music and not notice the gathering crowd around me. The set changes were the hardest for me, as my heart would start racing again. I did a lot of texting during those down times! Something, anything to keep me occupied. Huge thanks to those friends that put up with my inane chatter during those times!

It began to rain about halfway through Papa Roach’s set, which thinned out the crowd a little bit, so I didn’t mind too much. Besides I’m from Oregon, what’s a little rain? It was done with by the time Papa Roach was too. My only complaint was the sound system going out during my favorite song of theirs, Scars. Luckily it was back before the song was over. They really put on an awesome show and mentioned they’d be back in my area in November or December. Might have to give myself a Christmas gift and go see them again.

All of the bands were fantastic, and I had apparently found a really good spot, as most of the time I could have stuck out my arms, turned around in a circle, and not touched anyone. Maybe I was just really giving off some good “don’t touch me” vibes. I tried not to look around at the crowd, keep my eyes focused on the stage and just enjoy the music. I was doing pretty good until Chad Kroeger mentioned that there were 15,000 people in the audience. Yikes! They started playing one of my favorite songs and I was able to put that number out of my mind for a bit. Until the show was over anyway and I had to leave the venue with the rest of that mass of humanity. Having been there the one time before, I knew I was close to the exit, so I was able to insert myself into a good sized gap in the stream and head straight for it, and my car.

Sitting down in the driver’s seat, I realized two things. One, I was sore all over and felt like I’d just ran a marathon. And two. I DID IT!! I faced my fear, and I made it through! I even enjoyed myself, though it would have been a lot more fun with someone else to share it with. Of course, I did have my imaginary bodyguard there, so I wasn’t really alone. :)

Red Hot Five By Five

I asked for suggestions for today’s Five By Five theme last night via Twitter and my friend Teresa Noelle Roberts suggested Red Hot to match today’s weather.  Considering it’s still 91°F outside here, I’d say that’s pretty close.  I worked up quite a sweat taking the pictures in my studio for today’s listings!

Speaking of Red Hot, that also describes Teresa’s books!  And her newest, Fox’s Folly, comes out on Tuesday!  Leave a comment on her blog by July 18th and you could win a free copy!

/end shameless plug 😀

So anyway, I was looking through my stash of completed products I still need to list, thinking maybe something with suns or drinks or flames, and trying to get ideas for the next few days of Five By Five posts, when it hit me.  Red.  Red is the first color of the rainbow, and I’d been working on putting up a set of necklaces for each color of the rainbow.  And I’m also offering those necklaces individually, so why not feature one color a day for the next six days, and follow up day seven with rainbows?  Excellent plan, if I do say so myself!

We’ll start of each of these days with the corresponding necklace from the set, so here’s the red one:

Red Faceted Beads with Silver Accents Basically Beaded Necklace

Red Faceted Beads with Silver Accents Basically Beaded Necklace

I know, it’s kind of cheating a little, since the post is already up, but since I can only do five pictures for each listing in my Etsy shop, this gives you a chance to see each necklace individually.

I could also cheat and do this one every day, since I have it in all the colors of the rainbow, plus more, but I’ll only post it for today since I’m using the red one as the example.

 Painted Wooden Rose Simple Charm Necklace on Silver Chain - Your Choice of Colors - D225N-00848

Painted Wooden Rose Simple Charm Necklace on Silver Chain – Your Choice of Colors – D225N-00848

I could have posted this one yesterday for Embrace Your Geekness Day because it reminds me of Mario Brothers:

Red and White Mushroom Necklace D225N-00186

Red and White Mushroom Necklace D225N-00186

This is one of my favorite new products I made for my goal of 50 new products over the 50 days I ran my IndieGoGo campaign.  Finally got it listed for sale!

Rock N Roll Music Red, Black, Grey and Silver Charm Bracelet D225B-00012

Rock N Roll Music Red, Black, Grey and Silver Charm Bracelet D225B-00012

And last but not least, a necklace inspired by one of my favorite songs, Cherry Pie by Warrant.

Red and Copper Cherry Pie Necklace with Silver Slice of Pie on Plate with Knife and Fork D225N-00376

Red and Copper Cherry Pie Necklace with Silver Slice of Pie on Plate with Knife and Fork D225N-00376

Love those plump cherry red beads wrapped in a copper filigree crust!  Hmmm, I’m kind of hungry now.

These items mark a new milestone for me: 100 listings in my Etsy shop!  And I’ll be adding at least 30 more in the next week.  And that makes hardly a dent in what I have available, so 200 listings isn’t too far off.  My goal is to do a Five By Five at least 20 times a month, so that’s 100 new listings each month.  Gonna be busy, but it keeps me (mostly) out of trouble!

So what themes would you like me to do after I’m done with the rainbow?  More colors?  Animals?  Specific types of products?  Inspired by songs?  More geekery?  Leave a comment with your ideas!

Music And The Muse

When I was little, I had a record called Havin’ Fun with Ernie & Bert. I would listen to this record, doing all the dances and activities, as often as my mother could stand it. But there was one song on the album that has stuck with me throughout the (more than I’d like to count) years: Imagination, sung by Ernie.

Ernie encourages us to close our eyes and tell him what we see. The unimaginative Oscar the Grouch says, “You can’t see anything with your eyes closed,” but the other characters shush him and begin telling us what they see: blobs and stars and oceans and birds. Then Ernie starts singing about what happens when he uses his imagination. I still get goose bumps listening to it today.

This song was probably one of the first links I had between music and creativity. How listening to a song can spark new ideas. How a single line can inspire a new design. How the underlying melody and beat can make my fingers itch to pick up my tools and start creating. I often listen to music while I’m working on my jewelry, sometimes I can’t work without it. Music invigorates and motivates me, and helps me get in touch with my muse.

Imagination and creativity can be tricky things, elusive and stubborn one day, flooding us with ideas the next. For me, music can help to direct my inner artist, riding the waves of crescendos and diminuendos, dancing along the chords and verses, moving to the rhythm. Try putting your favorite music player on random or shuffle and close your eyes. What do you see?

“I look inside and discover things,
That are sometimes strange and new,
And the most remarkable thoughts I think,
Have a way of being true.” .

And that’s one of the best things about being an artist/designer/crafter/creative person. Taking those strange and wonderful ideas and bringing them to life.

You can open your eyes now, kids.

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