Wedding Wish List

In my last post I talked about how we don’t really want traditional wedding gifts, but would love help with our weddings instead, if anyone is so inclined.  Now that we have a few more plans figured out, I thought I would elaborate on what we’re looking for.  This list is pretty long, and mostly for my own planning purposes.  I certainly don’t expect to get everything donated, or receive enough cash to pay for everything, but every little bit helps.  If you want to donate something, please email me at so we can arrange the details, or if you want to make a donation via PayPal, you can use my ChipIn.

Gift Cards – Most of the things I’ll need to buy will be at JoAnn Fabrics, Micheal’s, Walmart, and Dollar Tree.

Tables and Chairs – We’re going to need to rent them, because borrowing enough tables and chairs for 75 guests would be rather problematic and a logistical nightmare.  My preliminary estimates show this will cost around $200.

Sound System – We’re DJs, so of course we’re going to want to have music!  I’m planning to use my laptop, but we’ll need some way to hook it up to speakers so it can be heard throughout the yard.  I’m not really sure what the best way to do this is yet, so I’m unsure about the cost.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  We’re considering webcasting the wedding for those who can’t attend in person, so we’ll also need equipment for that if we decide that’s a go.

Popcorn Machine – One of those movie theater types, like the one pictured.  Anyone happen to have anything like this we can borrow? We can rent one for $45 but I’m also finding small ones I can buy for $50-75, and I wouldn’t mind having one of my own. I’ll need to buy popcorn and oil and seasonings as well.

Photographers – Ideally, I’d like to have 2-3 people designated as official photographers.  They don’t necessarily need to be professionals, but should have good digital cameras.  I’m not looking for any kind of professional photo package, I just want digital copies of all the pictures taken, as well as full copyrights so I can do whatever I want with them.  Of course, I’m perfectly willing to allow any pictures taken to be used in the photographer’s portfolio and/or on their website.  Videographers would be awesome, too.

Beverages – We’re working out the details of our catering still, but I’m pretty sure our guests would like things to drink.  So cans and bottles of various drinkables (soda, juice, liquor, mixers, wine, beer, water, etc.) will need to be procured.  Our friends have offered to donate a case of champagne, so we’ll be able to do a toast, but we’ll need some sparkling cider or something for the non-drinkers.

Dishes and Utensils – We’re probably just going with paper and plastic here.  We don’t want to make anyone wash 150 plates and glasses.  I’ll probably just spend $50 or so at the dollar store.

Fabric, Tulle and Ribbon – I am making my dress and vests for all the men in the wedding party.  I’ll also be making fabric, tulle and ribbon streamers for decorations, and fabric flowers.  So I’ll need lots of fabric, tulle, and ribbon in silver/grey and jewel tones (ruby red, amethyst purple, peridot green, emerald green, sapphire blue, topaz orange, etc).

My first purchases for the weddings, including some rolls of tulle and ribbon

Jewelry and Craft Supplies – I want to make flowers out of fabric and ribbon with centers made from old jewelry such as brooches, earrings, rings, buttons, and beads.  I’m going to be making a necklace and corset jewelry for myself.  I’m going to be making as many things for this wedding as I can, so craft supplies are going to be essential!  And of course, I will be making and selling things to raise funds for the weddings, so any old or broken or otherwise unwanted jewelry that I can rewonder would be most appreciated.  Other craft supplies I know I’ll need: glue, crafts sticks and dowels, wire, thread, clothesline or similar rope, poster board, foam core board, tape, plastic bags, and paint.

HP 60 Ink Cartridges (Black and Color) – I’m printing out the invitations, programs, signs, etc. on my handy dandy HP printer.  Which means I’ll also need cardstock, paper, envelopes, and postage stamps.

Costumes, Hats, Masks, etc. – We want to have a photo booth where people can put on funny hats and masks and other accessories and ham it up for the camera.  Since we have people traveling from several different states to attend the weddings, I’m going to ask each guest to have a picture taken with a sign that represents the state they live in.  Or maybe an atlas opened to their state’s page.  It will depend on what I find/make.

Used Books and CDs – We love reading and music, and feel that books and CDs that are no longer wanted should be passed on so someone else can enjoy them.  We are asking our guests to bring a few used books and CDs that they no longer want so we can set up a swap table where they can find some new (to them) treasures to take home.  Any leftovers will be donated to a worthy cause, such as our local library or a group raising funds for a charity we’d like to support.  Anyone who wants to can also send me a box of books and/or CDs before the wedding to “seed” the swap table.

Anything unwanted that I can rewonder and/or sell to raise funds for the wedding – Some suggestions: clothing (all kinds), prom or wedding dresses, shoes and boots, jewelry and watches, purses and other bags, small toys, sewing patterns, curtains and blankets (for the fabric), jewelry boxes and other nifty containers, trinkets and whatnot.  I’m hoping to flood my Etsy shop and eBay over the next few months.

Duplicates in Oregon – We’re doing it all over again in Oregon in 2013 so many of the above things will also be needed there.  I’m also looking for a place to host it that will hold 75-100 people, someone or someones to cater or provide food, someone to make a cake and cupcakes, and of course we’ll need plane tickets so we can be there!

Whew!  That’s quite a list, huh?  And I only have *gulp* 135 days until the wedding.  Guess I better go get cracking! 🙂

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