Why the World Needs Heroes

Recent events have been particularly devastating to me.  On Tuesday, two people were killed at Clackamas Town Center, a mall I had been to often in the first 30 years of my life.  Yesterday, 22 children and 1 adult were stabbed at a school in China.  And in Newtown, Connecticut, 20 children and 7 adults were killed by a shooter who then took his own life.  One of those adults was the shooter’s mother, a kindergarten teacher at the school.  This hit me rather hard, as for the longest time, I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher myself.

While the gun control advocates and proponents are duking it out, I think they are completely missing the point.  “Where did he get the gun?” is not the first question people ask when they hear news like this.  It’s “How could someone do something like this?”  And that’s the real issue, how can anyone’s mental health get to the point where something like this seems the thing to do?

I’ve talked about my own mental health issues on this blog before, how I’ve faced my fears and encourage others to make their dreams come true.  I’m fortunate that my mental health diagnoses aren’t as severe as others I know, that I’ve gotten the help I needed when I needed it, and that I have so many wonderful and supportive people in my life.  Not everyone is as lucky as I have been.  It’s incredibly frustrating to know that some of my friends (or anyone, for that matter) can’t afford the medications they need or the therapy that will lead them out of the darkness.  We, as a society, need to stop ignoring that mental illness is a real problem.  But it’s a problem that has solutions, and we need to make those solutions more accessible.  We need to remove the stigma attached to any mental health issue.  We all go through periods when we find it hard to cope, and we need to ask for help.  We need to provide that help.  And we need to realize that the same solutions won’t work for everyone, and encourage each person to keep searching for something that does work.  And when they find it, we need to not take it away from them.

Which leads me back to City of Heroes.  I know several people that got through the rough patches through playing and talking with other players.  I’ve read countless stories, blogs, and forum posts about how important this game was to people.  It saved the life of a good friend of mine, for which I’m eternally grateful.

Here’s a comment posted by Mercedes Lackey, that explains just how important this game was to so many:

I’m right there in the front lines of the movement to find CoH a new home. I’ve got pages of stories from players that would break your heart. People who are disabled, who are only free in CoH because they can fly. People who are shut-ins, either confined to their houses by illness or mental trauma, who were free to wander Paragon City as if none of that mattered. Parents of autistic children, who literally brought their kids back to a normal life by playing with them on their laps–and vets suffering from PTSD who found healing in being heros–game therapy is only now being explored for these conditions, and NCSoft yanked what was working for these people right out from under them. We shared all these stories with NCSoft. They were ignored.

City was much more than just a game. It is said, “if you put yourself in the attitude of prayer, prayer will come.” Well, people who played in City put themselves in the “attitude” of heroes…and they actually became heroes. Not the kind that stop locomotives, but the kind that raised tens of thousands of dollars for charity. The kind that would help out a fellow player with in-game cash–or real cash when they were hard up. The kind that stopped to guide a newbie around and show him the ropes (and how often do you hear about THAT in WoW?), who created healers just to run around low level zones and patch up the “babies” (getting no XP in the process, mind you). The kind who took time to interact with the little kid on player-mom’s lap. The kind who would stay up all night to talk a fellow player through a bad stretch in his life.

CoH wasn’t a game, not really. It was more like a city built around a theme park, full of (mostly) like minded folks who cared about each other–we went off into the world every day to make our living, then came home, and joined our friends in the park for adventures. So what if we had ridden the rides before? That didn’t make them any less enjoyable the 3rd or 33rd time around. Besides, the devs loved their game, and kept making us new ones! People who left the game 10 issues ago would never have recognized it at shutdown.

We’ve lost our home. NCSoft came in and bulldozed it to the ground, burying the characters we created and lived through in a giant unmarked grave. We have nothing left, and nowhere to go to. Our friends have been scattered to the winds.

Is it any wonder we are furious?

It’s been two weeks now since the game was shut down, and I’m still emotionally raw.  I downloaded and installed Champions Online, created a character, and entered the tutorial.  But I felt so lost.  I have no idea what I’m doing or where I’m going.  Granted, I don’t really have time to play, or to read the helpful posts in The Cape Radio’s forums on how to play, so it’s going to take me awhile to really figure out what I’m doing, but it’s just not home.  I’m still mourning the loss of my beloved City of Heroes.

Now, I’m not equating my devastation over the loss of innocent lives with the loss of a video game.  But my devastation at losing City of Heroes is no less real.  It wasn’t just a game to me, and the last day was roughCity of Heroes quite literally changed my life.  It’s been such a big part of my life for the last eight years, and despite the long stretches I was unable to play, it was always there to come back to.  Now it isn’t.

Yes, there are other games out there, and yes, I will be playing them.  But they’re not City of Heroes.  I can’t just “move on” and find a new place to call home.  Let me see if I can explain it in terms everyone can understand.

Imagine you have a really great friend, someone who you can visit whenever you want, and no matter how much time has passed between visits, he welcomes you with open arms.  And every time you visit, he’s having other people over, and invites you to join the party.  Some of these people are already your friends, some are strangers who become friends, some become even more.  And you all always have a place in his home.

Then one day, you’re told that your friend is terminally ill.  He even knows the day, the exact minute, he will no longer be around.  You search desperately for a cure, to no avail.  You try to spend as much time with him as possible before the end, or distance yourself from him thinking it will be easier to deal with his loss that way.  You do whatever it takes for you to cope with this news.  Then the minute comes, and he’s gone.  And his house is destroyed.  You can only watch as every trace of him disappears.

Yes, you still have the other friends you’ve made through him.  Yes, you’ve been invited to parties at the other houses on the street.  Some of your friends are already inside some of those houses.  But it’s not the same.  It will never be the same.

It wasn’t just a game.  It was therapy, a release from our mundane lives, an opportunity to be our ideal selves.  To be superheroes.  To express our creativity in so many ways.  Our friend’s house was filled with thousands of precious works of art, and while we saved what we could, so much of that is lost now.  We share our stories, our pictures, our memories, but that’s all we have now.

That’s part of the reason I want to make “real life” versions of the costume pieces that were available in the game.  To help keep City of Heroes alive, to keep expressing the creativity it fostered in me.  Perhaps it’s my way of paying tribute and giving back to the game and players that gave me so much.  Perhaps it’s my way of still being a hero, of bringing that feeling I had in game into the real world.

It’s so easy, especially in times like this past week, to feel helpless, like there’s no way we can ever hope to combat and win over the evil in this world.  Our reserves of cope are getting thin, and we wonder just how much more we can take.  But you know what?  This is exactly when we need to get up, put our underwear on on the outside, and take to the skies.  We are heroes, and this is what we do.  We never give up.  We may not be able to gather at our friend’s house anymore, but we are STILL heroes.  No one can take that away from us.

So I implore you, go do something heroic.  Make a donation to Real World Hero or your favorite charity.  Volunteer.  Help your friends and family who are having a hard time dealing with the tragedies, the holidays, or just life in general.  Be a hero to yourself and do something you’ve always wanted to do.  Only you can define your heroism, and only you can make it happen.

For some of us struggling with mental illness, our heroism may just be getting out of bed in the morning and facing another day.  It may be finally asking for help, admitting we need it.  It may be doing whatever it takes to never reach the point were we snap and do something awful to ourselves or innocent bystanders.  To keep fighting back our inner demons, to keep fighting to have a “normal” life, to just keep fighting.  Never. Give. Up.

Because you are my hero.  And you CAN fly.

Reminiscing: It Wasn’t Just a Game

On Friday, November 30th, I did my final show for The Cape Radio in Paragon City.  It was tough, but I managed not to blubber my way through it.  I was amazed to peak at 93 listeners and even more amazed when I heard that our high listener count for the day was 341, blowing away our old record of 312.  I hope everyone will continue to listen to The Cape Radio as we play other games.  If you missed my show, you can get it here.

I’ve written before about the ending of City of Heroes, when I first heard about the plan to shut it down.  My grief back then is nothing compared to what I’m feeling now.  I knew it was going to hurt, but I feel like someone close to me has died.  I can’t stop crying, I can’t stop going through the various Facebook Groups dedicated to players of the game.  I’m adding friends as I put the character and global names together with their real life names, and others I might not have really known in game, but we’re sharing the same grief right now and that gives us a common bond.

I went to bed early on Friday night just so I could grab a few hours of sleep before getting up at 1:30am to log back into the game to be there for the final moments.  My global friends list was lit up like a Christmas tree, and the chat scroll was moving way too fast for me to keep up with.  So many names I hadn’t seen in years flew by.  My supergroup was gathering in the base for one last group photo, so I headed there and took my place for the picture.  Then I lost connection to the mapserver.  Frantically, I tried to get back in, but I just kept getting kicked back to the login screen.  Finally, I chose another server, and was able to get back in game.  But I wanted to be HOME.  It didn’t feel right to be on any other server but Virtue.  That’s where I’ve always played, where all my friends were.  But at least I was able to talk to them through the global channels.  It was something.

Then I heard one say they’d gotten back on Virtue!  I logged out and tried again.  Nothing.  Tried again.  Still nothing.  It took me about five tries before I, too, got back on Virtue.  I was in the Echo of Galaxy City, in Gemini Park, at the rock where I did my first Cape Radio show from.  I moved over to where the big group of people were, and sent out a “hugs everyone” emote.  So many people I remember from 8 years ago, when I first started playing this game, and the role-players would gather in Gemini Park.  I was always on the periphery of this group, not exactly a member, but they were always nice to me and included me when I tried.  I received hugs back and tells welcoming me.

I heard that many of my friends from The Cape Radio were gathering in the Pocket D, and I wanted to go there, but I was afraid if I tried to move to a new zone, I would mapserve again, like I did when I went to my supergroup’s base.  So I stayed put, and sent out tells and chatted in global.  I decided to send everyone in my global friends list a hug, and got many hugs back.  I was holding up pretty well until I sent Mercedes Lackey a hug, and thanked her for her efforts to try and save CoH.  She sent back “But it wasn’t enough” and sobbed on my virtual shoulder.  Her heartbreak was so clear to me, and mine just split in two at that moment and I completely lost it.

And then the worst happened.  At seven minutes until the scheduled shutdown, I mapserved again.  NO!  I frantically tried to log back in, but was getting kicked back to the login screen again and again.  Finally, I made it back in to the queue and looked at the time.  3:01am eastern.  What?  I was in the queue, and actually moving up it, but wasn’t the game supposed to close at midnight pacific time?  Amazed, I watched my character come back into Gemini Park, just for a second, and then I got the pop up “You have been forcibly disconnected. The servers are shutting down.”  We had been given an extra five minutes or so, but that was it.  It was over.

I went over on Facebook and posted “And that’s that. RIP City of Heroes, and thanks for all the memories.”  I cried as I saw similar posts, as so many on my friends list have played this game.  I was told Twitter was exploding as well, so I went over there.  My phone rang, and it was Detra.  I said hello, and immediately started crying again.  Detra and I share the experience that City of Heroes helped us find our true selves, so we both understand the devastation the other is feeling.  So much of who we are is tied up in this game, it feels like we’ve lost a body part.  Our hearts and souls have been ripped out, all because some company decided we no longer fit with their vision.

So what do we do now?  We do what I’ve always advocated: hold on tight to your dreams.

We fight to try to get NCSoft to sell the IP and another company to buy it and give us an awaken.  Check out Task Force Hail Mary on the Titan Network, headed by Mercedes Lackey.  They’re attempting to convince Disney to purchase City of Heroes, and if that doesn’t work, they’ll try the next company on their list.

We show NCSoft what real heroes are all about by donating to Real World Hero and blowing all their previous records out of the water.

We share our memories of the game and each other on Facebook, The Cape Radio Forums, The Titan Network Forums, our blogs, and anywhere else we find to post them.  Feel free to add your memories or links to them in the comments here.

As for me, I have a new mission.  I have always wanted to try to recreate some of the costume pieces available in City of Heroes.  I have cosplayed my own character, One Hit Wonder, a couple of times, but had just modified some existing pieces to be similar to her costume.  I was never 100% happy with the results and planned to eventually make the entire costume from scratch.  I’ve decided to not only put this plan into action, but to start making as many of the City of Heroes costume pieces “in real life” as I can.  My idea is to make the individual pieces, which can then be mixed and matched much like you would in the costume creator program.  But in order to to this, I will need some help.  First of all, I need screenshots of costumes from City of Heroes.  Please send them to rewondered@gmail.com and don’t worry about flooding my mailbox.  I have plenty of room there. 🙂

Secondly, I will need supplies.  So I am redirecting the focus of my IndieGoGo campaign toward this project and getting ready for Birka.  In the end, I hope to have a wide variety of costume pieces suitable for cosplay, SCA events, and even everyday wear.

So if you can toss even $5 in toward this project, it would be greatly appreciated.  For those wanting a memento of your character, this would be a great way to get a piece or two or even a whole costume, since you’ll get a free item and a gift certificate to spend in my Etsy shop, where I’ll have these pieces available.  Check out the campaign and my post on redeeming your rewards for more information.

I will be continuing to work on my Five X Fifty posts, and you will likely see some CoH and SCA stuff sneak in to those.  I have several items I need to get photographed and listed, but I need to unload my car from yesterday’s craft fair, and of course it’s started to rain.  Sigh.  I guess this just means I can get started on researching those City of Heroes costumes, huh?  🙂

Five X Fifty: Day 9 – Snap Barrettes

I teased you with a possible Monday Musings today, but I’m afraid I’m not going to deliver.  My brain just isn’t on track for doing much reflection or writing, so it will have to wait a bit longer.  I will be sharing the reflection paper I wrote for my Critical Thinking class on Thursday, as it is about why I have a good life, and seems perfect for Thanksgiving.  And it was a comment on this paper that I was planning to address for a Thursday Thoughts or Monday Musings, so it makes sense to share the paper first.

Today I will deliver on a promise, however.  Remember when I said I was going to bring you more snap barrettes?  Well today is that day!  You know I’ve been eying this for awhile…

Eyeball Snap Barrettes by Rewondered D202B-00005 - $6.95

Eyeball Snap Barrettes by Rewondered D202B-00005 – $6.95


See what I did there?  And there?  😛

Okay, okay, let’s try something prettier.  How about some flowers?

Five Petal Flower with Clear Gem Center Snap Barrettes by Rewondered D202B-00003 - $7.95

Five Petal Flower with Clear Gem Center Snap Barrettes by Rewondered D202B-00003 – $7.95

These are available in ten different colors: Pink, Peach, Yellow, Grey, Cream, Purple, Blue, Teal, Green, and White.

Color Choices for Five Petal Flower with Clear Gem Center Snap Barrettes by Rewondered D202B-00003

Color Choices for Five Petal Flower with Clear Gem Center Snap Barrettes by Rewondered D202B-00003


But what if the pretty flowers have friends?

Black Spider Snap Barrettes by Rewondered D202B-00001 - $7.95

Black Spider Snap Barrettes by Rewondered D202B-00001 – $7.95


They’re kind of creepy, but rather cute, don’t you think?  Or not, if you’re arachnophobic.  Maybe you need to signal for help…

Black Bat on Yellow Moon or Batman Signal Snap Barrettes by Rewondered D202B-00006 - $6.95

Black Bat on Yellow Moon or Batman Signal Snap Barrettes by Rewondered D202B-00006 – $6.95


If that’s not geeky enough for you, how about a single barrette perfect for the gamer girl who knows her true place… as Player One!

Player Number One Gamer Girl Snap Barrettes by Rewondered D202B-00004 - $4.95

Player Number One Gamer Girl Snap Barrettes by Rewondered D202B-00004 – $4.95


And there we have Day 9!  And today’s the 19th, so that means I’m only 10 days behind… oof.  I spent most of the day playing with glue, so when that dries I’ll have a few more for you.  I still have a couple of hours left to do some sewing, so that should finish up a few more.  Then there’s the photographing, the listing, the writing of the posts… whew!  But I’ll get it all done, eventually.  This week is probably my last big push to MAKE ALL THE THINGS for the craft fairs.  Unless I completely sell out of stuff this weekend (one can only hope!), I should have plenty of stuff for the last two, plus I have the Five X Fifty items I’m still adding as I go.

I am hoping to get several more things up in my Etsy shop  in the next couple of days, as I will be doing a Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday promotion.  Details of that will be up on Friday morning before I head off to the Cornucopia Craft Fair.  If I might make a suggestion to REALLY take advantage of the special I’ll be offering Friday, November 23rd through Monday, November 26th: go make a contribution to my IndieGoGo campaign.  You’ll have a gift certificate to spend in my Etsy shop, plus you’ll be able to choose an item for free.  Or if you make a $50 contribution, you’ll have $210 to spend!  And if I manage to raise double my goal by Thanksgiving, you’ll have twice as much to spend over the weekend!  So be sure to tell all your friends, too!  Check out the FAQ about the rewards for my IndieGoGo campaign for more information.

Okay, the sewing machine is calling me to get back to work, so I had better snap to it!  😛

Monday Musings: My Life As A Superhero

As I’ve mentioned before, I play City of Heroes and am a DJ for The Cape Radio, which caters to players of that game on the Virtue server. I’ve been doing this for the past eight years, so when a friend sent me a text telling me that they had announced the closing of Paragon Studios and that the game would be shut down before the end of the year, I was in total shock.  We knew the game wouldn’t last forever, but on Thursday they were handing out codes for a new aura and they just released a new power set on August 21st, so there were no signs this was coming so abruptly.

Since then, we’ve been gathering in game, on Facebook, on various forums, and consoling each other in our grief.  Because we ARE grieving.  For many who play this game, it is a home, a place where they can be themselves, a place where they can find their friends.  We feel like the rug has been pulled out from under us.  One person likened it to watching your house burn down, knowing there’s nothing you can do to save it, but still trying to run in and pull out as many of your precious possessions as possible.  We’re taking screenshots and videos, sending notes and tells to those we don’t have contact with outside the game yet, watching DJ Zero actually move around (he’s been floating frozen in the same spot for years, but suddenly is just standing there, going through the idle poses like a normal character, which is surely a sign of the apocalypse).  We’re running our favorite missions one last time, trying to get through the ones we never got to, giving away all the enhancements and salvage we’ve been hoarding to someone who might be able to use them in these final days.

And we’re remembering, and writing down everything this game has meant to us.

In 2004, everyone thought I had a pretty good life.  I was married, lived in a nice house, drove a nice SUV, went out to eat several times a week, and was involved in several bands.  I had just started going back to college and rediscovered my love of Theatre.  I smiled and laughed and seemed to be pretty happy.  But inside, I was anything but.  I had been living this lie for so long that I no longer knew who I really was, what I really wanted, why I was even bothering.  The mask I wore had become permanently attached.

When I began playing City of Heroes, it was just a fun game, a way to escape my reality for a few hours and be someone else.  But as I got involved with the community, as I got to know other players both in and out of game, I found people who encouraged my creativity, who helped me to explore various aspects of my personality, who listened and let me cry on their shoulder.  I found people who cared about some strange girl on the opposite side of the country, or even in a completely different country.  People who wanted to get to know the person on the inside, who looked past the fake smile and cheerleader persona to see the scared, lost and lonely girl huddled in the corner of my brain.

As I put on the mask of my superhero persona, I learned to free myself from the mask I’d worn for so many years.

Each character I created had a piece of me, but none more so than One Hit Wonder.  She was my best self, the me that I wanted to be.  When my marriage fell apart, as it was inevitable it would, my then-husband tried to tell me that I wasn’t my character.  But he was wrong.  I used Wondie to explore my own personality, to learn who I really was, and over time, I became her, and she became me.  No, I can’t control fire, I don’t have twin daughters, and I never had a record deal, but the personality, the who Wondie is deep down inside, that’s all me.

In 2005 I got a divorce and moved to the other side of the country.  I lost track of many of my City of Heroes friends as I didn’t have internet access for some time.  In 2006 I picked up the game again, and was amazed to see characters run by, stop, then turn around and throw their arms around me.  People remembered me, actually missed me, and were so happy to see me again.  I felt like I’d come home.

As I reconnected with old friends, and met new ones, I developed some very important relationships.  Obviously, I found someone who convinced me to give marriage another try. 😛  But two others that stand out are the ones I asked to be my Best Man and Maid of Honor at my wedding.  Even though they both live around 800 miles away from me, they didn’t hesitate to do whatever it took to be there that day, to stand by my side and share one of the most special days of my life.  And they both know, if they need me to stand by their side for anything, I’ll jump in my car and drive through the seven states it takes to get to them.  And to think, I never would have met them if I’d decided not to play this game.

City of Heroes has an amazing community.  No other game I’ve played has made me feel more at home, and it’s hard for me to think of any other place to call my home.  There’s lots of speculation about what game we’re all going to move to, but none of them feel like they “fit” just right, because none of them are City of Heroes.  These aren’t just a bunch of gamers running around bashing the bad guy pixels, this is a family.  That’s what I’m going to miss the most about not being able to log in to City of Heroes, my family.

Feel free to share your story in the comments here, on the forums at The Cape Radio, or over at the new effort to keep everyone together at City of Heroes Forever.  And keep in touch, please.  I love you all, and would hate to lose track of you again.

Five By Five Remarking Embrace Your Geekness Day

Remark (verb)

  • to say casually, as in making a comment
  • to note; perceive; observe

Today I am commenting on and observing Embrace Your Geekness Day.  Of course, I embrace my geekness every day of the year, but I guess July 13th is a day to especially geek out.  So how about some products to really show off your geekness and let that geek flag fly?

I’ll start things off with one of my most popular geeky designs, a Mini Cthulhu Necklace:

Mini Cthulhu Octopus Charm and Beaded Necklace - Your Choice of Colors - D225N-00823

Mini Cthulhu Octopus Charm and Beaded Necklace – Your Choice of Colors – D225N-00823

It currently is available in red, blue, and pink, but I can really make it in any color I can find the right beads for, so you can get one in your favorite color!  Just set it up through a custom order of this design style.

Another one of my most popular geeky designs is my Steampunk Style Silver Gears and Wrenches Robot Clockwork Necklace so I decided to offer earrings to match:

Steampunk Style Silver Gears and Wrenches Robot Clockwork Earrings D225E-00001

Steampunk Style Silver Gears and Wrenches Robot Clockwork Earrings D225E-00001

I also have a lot of necklace designs that would look great with a steampunk dress, such as Purple and Copper Locks, Metallic Blue and Copper Stars, Cream and Brown with Copper Flowers, Large Apple Green Beads with Copper Bead Caps, Turquoise and Copper, Upcycled Distressed Pearls and Copper, Clear and Copper Swan, and Green and Copper Stars.  Plus many more I’ll be adding soon™!

One of the things many geeks are into, myself included, is tabletop role-playing games, like Dungeons and Dragons.  So of course I had to put up a dragon necklace!

Large Silver Dragon Simple Charm Necklace on Silver Chain D225N-00904

Large Silver Dragon Simple Charm Necklace on Silver Chain D225N-00904

There’s also a gold dragon necklace design already up in the shop, and I wear my Blue Eyes and Silver Bow and Arrow necklace when I play my archer character in Earthdawn.  What kind of custom necklace could I make for your character?

If you’re going to play a tabletop RPG, you’re going to need dice.  And if you’re like me, those dice are going to go flying!  And thus the inspiration for this piece:

 Rainbow Flying Dice Beaded Charm Bracelet for Gamer Girls D225B-00001

Rainbow Flying Dice Beaded Charm Bracelet for Gamer Girls D225B-00001

I have dice necklaces as well, in your choice of colors, rainbow, black and white, and red mini dice.  So far I’ve only been able to find six-sided dice beads, but if I ever find polyhedral dice beads, I’m buying them in bulk!  I’ll probably just have to buy polyhedral dice and drill holes in them.

And now, what better way to “embrace” your geekness than with a Straitjacket Hoodie?  😛

 Embrace Your Geekness Marvel Comics Straitjacket Hoodie - Made to Order

Embrace Your Geekness Marvel Comics Straitjacket Hoodie – Made to Order

Another of my geeky loves is comic books and superheroes, so I snatched up this fabric to use for a Straitjacket Hoodie.  I have several other geeky fabrics that I could use to customize a straitjacket hoodie for you, such as white dragons on black, black dragons on grey, sock monkeys, skeleton keys, love tattoo hearts, Kermit the frog, and even rainbows and unicorns.  And I’m happy to go looking for just the right fabric if I don’t have it already in stock.

I have a lot more geeky items to list, but here’s a few more that are already in my Etsy shop, so go check them out:

Okay, I think I’ve completely embraced my geekness over geeky designs today, don’t you?  And don’t forget, you can get 25% off your order using the coupon code RCIJ25 when you check out of my Etsy shop!

Now, maybe I should take a break and go play some Diablo 3…

The Final Countdown – 7…

Seven days left in my IndieGoGo campaign!  Today’s version of The Final Countdown is played on a Nintendo DS in the game Music Monstars.

I’m sure I’ll lose a bit of my gamer girl cred when I say I don’t have a Nintendo DS.  Actually, I’m rarely finding the time to play many games at all, so my gamer girl cred is sure to be revoked soon.  I did finish Diablo 3 on normal mode, since Lorne insists that “the couple that slays together, stays together.”  So we’ve been trying to make time to play as often as we can.  I also started a Staff Fighting/Energy Aura Scrapper in City of Heroes and my supergroup, The Dawn Patrol, is having a party tonight to celebrate their 8th anniversary and the start of summer.  I’ll be DJing that on The Cape Radio so be sure and tune in from 8-11pm eastern!

I didn’t get my thunderstorm last night.  Instead, it waited until I was out running errands today and on my way home.  I would have much preferred viewing the awesome storm through my studio windows, rather than my windshield.  But I got home safely and the paper products I bought can wait in the car until the rain stops.

Speaking of paper products, here’s a new banner I made using a fun font called Lucky Ape.  I printed each piece on white cardstock, then colored them with colored pencils.

Lucky In Love Cardstock Banner

Lucky In Love Cardstock Banner

Since I haven’t been able to do any sewing for the last few days, I went back to making jewelry.  Here is a fun necklace using bead caps that look like flowers.

Silver Daisy Chain Necklace

Silver Daisy Chain Necklace

And last, but not least, another rainbow piece, a button bracelet decorated with beads.  Don’t forget that using the coupon code LGBTPRIDE will get you 20% off in my Etsy store!

Double Rainbow and Grey Button Beaded Bracelet

Double Rainbow and Grey Button Beaded Bracelet

Both the necklace and the bracelet are available as choices for the $20 Recreate perk, or perhaps they’ll spark your idea for a custom made necklace or bracelet.  I’m almost 1/4 of the way to my goal… I just need to find 19 people who agree with me that $20 is a great deal for a handmade necklace, bracelet, or bag.  Plus they’ll get another $25 to spend in my Etsy shop, since all contributions over $10 get a $25 gift certificate.

Don’t forget to read the Day 10 post for how you can help me up my stats on IndieGoGo so my campaign will show up on their site.  There is not a lot of time left, so please click those links and share with everyone you know.  I think I deserve to be there much more than the person who just posted a campaign to raise $2000 so she can buy a designer purse.  Don’t you?

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