Thursday Thoughts: OMG! I Got Married!

I think I have a pretty good excuse for not blogging for a few weeks.  The days leading up to the wedding were full of last minute planning and DIY projects, running around trying to find all the supplies I needed, making sure everyone had the information they needed, and general craziness.

Last Thursday, I packed up my car with all the things we would need, and headed down to where the wedding was being held.  Then began the whirlwind of connecting with out of town guests, getting everything in place, and trying to remember to breathe.

I was pretty bossy on Saturday, making sure everything got done, but I don’t think I crossed the line into Bridezilla or Bridethulhu territory, just my normal workaholic self coordinating an event.  My hair-dresser/DJ had to practically shove me into the shower and then tie me to the chair so she could get my hair braided.

My guests started arriving, and were probably shocked to see me running around in shorts and a white button-up top, with my hair looking fabulous but the rest of me so obviously not ready for a wedding.  I assured them that nothing would start without me!

Wondie Before the Wedding

I’m going to go get dressed, really I am!

The ceremony was full of fun and laughter, joy and love, and everything turned out wonderfully.  I’ll have a big write-up for you all later, but you can watch it here:


We spent Sunday hanging out with our out of town guests, taking my parents up to our house in New Hampshire so they could see where we live, and having dinner at the amazing Dim Sum place in Concord.  Monday, we took my mother to the airport, played miniature golf with my Best Man, then got caught in traffic as we drove down to Providence to meet up with my Dad and his wife and our caterers for dinner.  This was the worst part of the whole weekend, and our levels of cope had completely run out, but we eventually made it down and had a nice dinner.  We changed our original plans to stay in Mansfield another night, and took Tuesday easy, including an unscheduled 3+ hour nap!  We got home again late Tuesday night and I spent Wednesday going through photos and videos and getting them posted online.

So now I’m sitting down and writing this and thinking, “Wow, we did it!  We got married!”  It doesn’t necessarily feel any different, after all, we have felt married for the past year, so the only real difference is that piece of paper that makes it all legal.  But it is an amazing feeling to see how all my hard work in planning and making things for the wedding paid off.  And an even more amazing feeling to see the outpouring of love and affection as our friends and family came together to make this day happen for us.  We could not have done this without their help and support, and I do not have the words to fully express my gratitude, so I will just say “thank you” for now.

If you want to see pictures, I have about half the ones I know were taken up on my Flickr, and will add more as I receive them.  I’m attempting to put together a set with no more than 50 photos so I can submit our wedding to Offbeat Bride, but there are so many great ones, it’s hard to decide which ones best tell our story.  This one sums things up pretty well though, I think. 😛

Who Invited All These Tacky People?

Who Invited All These Tacky People?

Rewondered: Before and After – Prom Dress To Wedding Dress

The Rewondered: Before and After series will feature some of my favorite transformations in rewondering.  I’ll show you what I started with, tell you what I did to rewonder the item, then show you the finished piece.  We’re starting with my wedding dress.

I picked up this silver prom dress at Goodwill for $5.  It didn’t look very exciting on the hanger, and I figured I’d use it for the fabric or something.

BEFORE - Silver Prom Dress on Hanger - Front

BEFORE – Silver Prom Dress on Hanger – Front

BEFORE - Silver Prom Dress on Hanger - Back

BEFORE – Silver Prom Dress on Hanger – Back

It’s not easy to see in the pic, but I like the gathering on the back around the zipper.  I decided to try the dress on and was amazed at how well it fit me, and I began to envision what I could do to it to turn it into my dream dress.  I had originally planned to do separate pieces: a corset top, layered skirts, a shrug to cover my shoulders, etc.  I (badly) drew my idea in a notebook while I was in Florida last March:

Wedding Dress Design Idea

Wedding Dress Design Idea

So with a little tweaking of my design I got to work on a lot of tweaking of the dress.  First, I fixed the halter strap, which was missing a hook and eye to keep it together at the back of my neck.  Next, I sewed elastic under the front seams of the skirt, causing it to gather.  It didn’t end up as short as I wanted, so I tacked the edges of the hem up at the waist underneath, forming more of a bubble skirt.  I decided to leave the back as is, but the front needed something, so I took eye pins from my jewelry supply stash and made hooks that I hand sewed to the bodice along the front seams, then threaded a dark grey ribbon through them, corset style.  I found this adorable white tulle with silver stars on it and made “sleeves” instead of the originally planned shrug.  I ended up with this:

AFTER - Finished Wedding Dress on Hanger

AFTER – Finished Wedding Dress on Hanger

Add the multi-color tutu petticoat I made earlier underneath, and this is what it looks like on me (without my hair done or any makeup on… I’m a great model, huh?)

AFTER - Me Wearing My Wedding Dress

AFTER – Me Wearing My Wedding Dress

I still need to do a few more tweaks to it.  A couple of the hooks came off (as you can tell in the picture if you look closely) so I need to fix those and rethread the ribbon, and work on the sleeves a bit.  I’m thinking about removing some of the tulle or making a new petticoat that is a little less full.  All in all, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.  Also, for any of you superstitious folks that are going to freak out about Lorne seeing my dress before the wedding if he reads this blog (which he does), it’s far too late, as he’s the one who took the pictures.  We don’t believe in any of those superstitions, and we already feel like we’re married, we’re just making it all legal and sharing the day with our friends and family.  Besides, if he took a picture of me doing “I’m a Little Teapot” while wearing this dress, and I post it on the internet, it must be love, right? 🙂

I'm A Little Teapot

I’m A Little Teapot

The Final Countdown – 1…

One day left in my IndieGoGo campaign!  You only have until 11:59pm Pacific to make a contribution!

I think I saved the best video for last:

Last day… only about 10 hours left as I finally get to posting this.  So the next countdown from 10 starts now, but I won’t be posting for each number, mostly because I don’t want to stay up until 3am my time!

I wanted to get the last six new products done before I posted, and I’m happy to say I did it!  I made 50 new items in 50 days!  And I still have tons of ideas and half-finished products.  I’m going to continue to try and make one new item every day, because it feeds my soul as well as my business.  I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up this posting every day though!  I’ll be taking a break next week as I head down to Columbus to pick up some of the supplies I have in storage and take care of some other business there, but after my return I plan to post new products on a regular basis.

So here’s the last of the new products!

I had a bunch of these scraps of white fabric, all cut exactly the same in a vaguely triangular shape.  I decided to sew them together and make a wrap skirt, using silver blanket binding as the sash/belt.  It’s just folded up on the hanger here, I’ll have to get a pic of it actually on someone.

White Scrap Wrap Skirt

White Scrap Wrap Skirt

I used to be very into scrapbooking, and actually had someone pay me $750 to do a 50-page custom scrapbook as a gift for his parents’ 50th wedding anniversary (and I’d be happy to do more custom scrapbooking, just email me).  I even decoupaged an album cover, like I did with this new product, which will be the front cover of my own wedding scrapbook.

Wedding Scrapbook Album Cover

Wedding Scrapbook Album Cover

I’m amused with the “Once upon a time” paper, as the story is “The Princess and the Frog.”  I still need to seal it and make the back cover, and get page protectors for the inside.  This next item will be the first page of my scrapbook:

Wedding Scrapbook Page

Wedding Scrapbook Page

I know the cover and page don’t seem to go together, but our “theme” is An Eclectic Hodge-Podge of Happiness so we’re just throwing everything we love together and having a mash-up wedding.  Which is appropriate since this princess is marrying the King of the Mash-up. 😉

Our colors are pretty much all the colors, and I have a huge storage tub full of odds and ends of ribbons, so I decided to make this Bow-quet.



I love puns.  And it was a lot of fun sticking bows all over this!

And last but not least, I’ll give you a sneak peak at my wedding dress.  I’m planning to do a Before and After post, showing you what I started with and how the entire dress looks finished, but I need to get someone to take pics of me actually in the dress.  And it’s 91 degrees out right now so that’s not happening today.  I’d rather wait until my actual wedding day to sweat in my dress!  But anyway, here’s what it looks like on the hanger:

My Wedding Dress

My Wedding Dress

But wait, that’s only five things.  Where’s number 50?  Well, I think it’s so awesome that it deserves a post all to itself.  So I’ll be posting that a little bit later.  I think it’s going to become one of my signature pieces.  I told one friend of the idea and his immediate response was “I want one!”  Don’t worry, I won’t keep you in suspense TOO long. 😉

Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all my new products as I’ve made them.  I need to get some better pictures and create the listings for my Etsy shop, which will be next up on the agenda.  Thanks for taking an interest in my IndieGoGo campaign and your support!  I’m still $290 from my goal, which would go a long way toward getting these products up for sale (Etsy fees, packaging, store subscription, etc) and getting more supplies from storage so I can create even more new products.  I know I have a bunch of steampunk ideas in the works sitting in that storage unit in Columbus, and the more I can get from my IndieGoGo campaign, the less I need to borrow for gas money to get things here where I can actually work on them!  So please, make a contribution, even $5 will help.  And don’t forget to tell all your friends to make their contribution before the clock runs out tonight!

The Final Countdown – 3…

Three days left in my IndieGoGo campaign!  Since yesterday’s video said the arrangement was from the Laibach version, I had to go find the Laibach version for comparison.  What do you think?

Three days left, and I have three new products for you!  First up is another Rewondered skirt.  I took a plain skirt that was too small and added a plaid panel to the front.  I have more of the plaid fabric, so I’m planning to make a matching top.

Rewondered Panel Skirt

Rewondered Panel Skirt

Next we have a new bracelet design featuring charms and beads.  This one has a music/rock ‘n’ roll theme and my favorite colors of red, silver, and black.  It’s available as one of the choices for the $20 Recreate perk!

Rock N Roll Bead and Charm Bracelet

Rock N Roll Bead and Charm Bracelet

And now something for the wedding… bride and groom champagne glasses.  I made charms that say “bride” and “groom” and added a frog charm to his and a mouse charm to mine.  The frog and mouse are nicknames of ours and refers to the song Froggy Went A-Courtin’Here’s a version by Suzy Bogguss.

Bride and Groom Champagne Glasses

Bride and Groom Champagne Glasses

Speaking of the wedding, I’ve been trying to figure out a hotel for my out of town guests.  There are concerts going on nearby that weekend, and all the hotels closest to the wedding site are booked up.  I’m looking at ones that are a 15-25 minute drive and it’s so hard to decide on one when the online reviews seem to go from “bug-infested hovel” to “this placed is awesome!”  Which is it?  I’m afraid to trust the good reviews in case my guests get there and experience the bad ones.  I may just have to roll a die and trust the powers of chance.

And to add to my hair-pulling, my desktop computer decided to go belly up last night, which isn’t as big as a deal as it could be except for one thing: the wedding invitation.  I didn’t back that up to my laptop because I don’t have Publisher on it.  I’m tempted to just forget invites and send everyone the code for the wedsite instead.  Or perhaps postcard invites with “You’re invited! Go to the wedsite for more info!”  That’s what I get for procrastinating on sending them, I guess.  *sigh*

On a brighter note, my IndieGoGo campaign is doing well, and I’m up to $210 in contributions, with just $290 left to reach my goal!  I’m hoping for more last minute contributions, which will help me get to Columbus to get some of my supplies out of storage, and get more items up in my Etsy shop and online store.  All contributions will go directly into the business and be split among phases one and two as best I can, as those are the most imperative right now.  I will update by the end of July with an exact accounting of how I spent/will spend every penny contributed, so you’ll know exactly what I did with the money.  And I’ll continue to update this blog with new products and how the money is helping Rewondered.

Thanks again for your contributions and help spreading the word about my IndieGoGo campaign!  You all rock!


Regenerate – to re-create, reconstitute, or make over, especially in a better form or condition.

Yep, that’s my thing, that’s what I do.  I take things that are generally unwanted or unusable in their present condition, and re-create them into something wonderful.  I love taking something plain and boring and making it interesting and fun.  I love taking something broken and giving it new life.  That’s the whole premise behind Rewondered, and a lot of what I’m trying to do with some of the new products I’ve been introducing.

As I mentioned on Sunday, I’m going to start posting three items at a time as I get them completed and photographed, though I do have a few items that I think deserve a post all by themselves.  You’ll see what I mean when I get them posted.  But today I’m posting three.

First up is an item for our wedding.  Lorne often jokes about getting some popcorn whenever our friends are getting lovey-dovey, so I asked if we could borrow a popcorn machine for the wedding, to give people something to snack on before and during the ceremony.  I stole a line from Lorne, “Ah, Love. I can watch it for hours.” and put that on the labels of these cute little cups.  They’re a little small, so people will probably have to get refills, but there will be lots of food at the reception so they won’t want to fill up on popcorn too much anyway.

Wedding Popcorn Cups

Wedding Popcorn Cups

I made another pillow from a shirt, this time a dress shirt that I loved, but the material was just a little too “weird” for wearing.  Not really uncomfortable or scratchy, but a little clingy and just didn’t feel right on my skin all day.  But it works great as a pillow!

Dress Shirt Pillow

Dress Shirt Pillow

And finally, I’ve been working on some ideas for rewondering hoodies.  I love hoodies and have quite a few, but you wouldn’t really expect me to wear something plain and boring, would you?  So I’m dressing them up a bit.  This one uses a reverse applique technique.  I cut out star shapes on the front and back and sewed a piece of red fabric with white stars to the back side of the hoodie so it would show through the star shape.  I figured I’d do this particular design in Rewondered’s red and grey colors, since the star is my symbol.  I might have to see about adding my logo to the other side.

Reverse Applique Hoodie - Front

Reverse Applique Hoodie – Front

Reverse Applique Hoodie - Back

Reverse Applique Hoodie – Back

And that’s going to do it for this post.  I’ll have more for you later, as I’m continuing to finish up all these half-started projects.  The next two weeks will be kind of hectic, with school starting up again yesterday, my IndieGoGo campaign coming to an end on the 29th, getting invitations to the wedding out, figuring out hotels and other travel arrangements for our guests that are coming from other states, and deciding if I want to pursue two other possible opportunities I’ve found that have deadlines of June 30th.  One is a very nice grant for my business, but would require 250 likes on Facebook and answers to some essay questions.  The other is an “audition” for a design team which would require me to make four items using a particular company’s products.  Because really, I don’t have enough on my plate, right?  😛

Restaurants and Reprinting

If you saw my status update on Rewondered’s Facebook page last night, and you probably didn’t, you know that I spent all day yesterday listing my jewelry on eBay.  Except for that “quick break” to eat dinner with Lorne that turned into about three hours of watching Restaurant: Impossible.  I don’t usually watch TV, but I’ve always enjoyed the makeover type shows and the amazing results they can achieve on a relatively small budget.  And since this show is business-related, it got my attention.

On Restaurant: Impossible, they have $10,000 to redecorate the restaurant and purchase new equipment.  Interesting number, since I’ve laid out exactly what I would do with $10,000 in my IndieGoGo camapaign (see the Redouble perk).  The first episode we watched was for the cafe run by a high school culinary arts program.  If they weren’t able to make the cafe profitable, they wouldn’t have the funds to continue the program.  Ouch, that hit rather close to home, as I’m still milking every penny in sales to keep Rewondered going.  The second episode had a woman whose need to control every aspect of the business was driving it into the ground, and her family away.  She was even afraid to let the cook she hired do the cooking!  Now, I run a one-woman, handmade business, so there’s not a lot I can delegate, but I need to remember to let people help me, and not let my own fear cause me to hold on too tight and strangle my business.  The third episode featured a restaurant that looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in the 13 years the woman had owned it.  Yikes!  My studio is a bit of a disaster right now as I work on all the new products, but at least it’s nowhere near as nasty as that place was!  The woman also had a brother who was running a successful restaurant, but she hadn’t asked him for any help or advice.   This reminded me that I need to look at all those “how to be successful” blogs and articles that I’ve bookmarked and downloaded, and to look at who I know who might be able to point me in the right direction.

Yes, even when I’m relaxing, watching TV, I’m still thinking about my business. 😛

And I didn’t get a chance to make or post anything new yesterday, so I had planned to do six today.  I was working on items that had elements that needed to be printed, and while printing the fifth one, my printer ran out of ink.  Doh!  So you get four today, and I’ll aim for five tomorrow.

It was another wedding theme day, as I made favors and decorations.  They mostly use the fonts I used in our Save The Dates, and the “logo” I made using our names.  My name is in a font similar to the Star Wars logo, since I’m a big Star Wars fan, and Lorne’s name is in a font similar to the World of Warcraft logo, which is the game he played most until Diablo 3 came out.  I love playing around with fonts and have made a variety of logos and text-based art in the past.

I know I’m going to be an emotional wreck on my wedding day, so I thought providing the guests with some tissues, whether to use themselves or just hand to me, might be useful.  I found some multi-colored travel tissue packages and added labels that say “For Your Happy Tears” and have our logo and wedding date.

Tissue Wedding Favors "For Your Happy Tears"

Tissue Wedding Favors “For Your Happy Tears”

Since our wedding will be in our friends’ backyard, we don’t want people throwing confetti or rice or otherwise making a big mess, so we’ll go with the wedding bubbles instead.  I added new labels to multi-color bottles.  I played around with a lot of different quotes, sayings, and song lyrics, but my favorite was one I made up myself, inspired by this poem by John Webster: “In all our quest of greatness, like wanton boys, whose pastime is their care, we follow after bubbles, blown in the air.”  I’m a big proponent of following ones dreams, and that’s one of the things that led me to Lorne, so “Dreams, like bubbles, should be chased” is very fitting.

Wedding Bubbles Favors

Wedding Bubbles Favors

Another thing that brought Lorne and I together is music, so I thought doing decorations using song lyrics would be awesome.  This is a framed text-based art print using a lyric from “Marry Me” by Train (which I used to announce our engagement here on this blog).  Several of these using different quotes and placed here and there will make great decorations, and can be put up on the walls of our home after the wedding.

Song Lyric Framed Text-Based Art Print

Song Lyric Framed Text-Based Art Print

Then I started working on some fun banners, but was only able to finish one.  There will be more next week after I get some more ink!  This one is made to look like Scrabble tiles.  Lorne looked a little green around the gills when he saw it, and I’m guessing it’s because he was afraid I’d ask him to play Scrabble again. 😛

"Just Married" Scrabble Tile Banner

“Just Married” Scrabble Tile Banner

And that’s going to do it for tonight!  I am late for my date with Lorne to play some Diablo 3, so I better not keep him waiting any longer! 🙂


Last night, I made a decision that I’ve been contemplating for awhile, but have been hesitant to “pull the trigger” on, as it were.  But it’s time for me to focus on my priorities, and unfortunately, something I love to do has to go.  I will no longer be the Events Planner for The Cape Radio, nor will I be DJing on a weekly basis. I’ll still be doing the occasional show from time to time, but at this point, I just don’t have the time to devote to doing a proper job planning events or putting playlists together.  I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed and burnt out, so it’s time to step back and take a break.  I’m not quitting entirely, and eventually I’ll be back in a regular time slot.  I always come back home to The Cape. 🙂

Besides, I have a very important event of my own to plan!  Speaking of weddings, today’s new products are all experiments I wanted to try for my own wedding veil.  Getting pictures of these was a little difficult, since I could only lay them out on the floor, but you’ll get the general idea.

First up, I thought something that went with my tutu petticoat might be cool so I took a tiara headband and added multiple colors of tulle streamers to it.  This one is kind of short, but it’s cute.

Tiara Headband Veil

Tiara Headband Veil

It was a little poofy for me, so I worked on option number two.  I love the ribbon veils I’ve seen on Offbeat Bride so I thought I’d try decorating a banana clip with ribbons.  I like how my hair and the ribbons kind of tangle together.

Beribboned Banana Clip

Beribboned Banana Clip

But this is the one I think I’m actually going to wear.  I took a big piece of silver tulle (kind of hard to see in the picture since it’s the same color as the sheet I laid it on) and threaded it through a barrette. I then tied tons of ribbon and lace pieces of varying lengths and colors.  I envision this pinned up underneath an updo of sorts.  Need to talk to my hairdresser about that. 😉

Ribbon and Tulle Barrette Veil

Ribbon and Tulle Barrette Veil

These were a lot of fun to make, and of course, could be made with any combination of colors and to any length for a custom order.  Prices will depend on materials used, so if you’re interested, send me a message and let me know what you’re looking for, and I’ll send you a quote.

This brings me to 16 new products, with 24 days left to go in my IndieGoGo campaign.  If I manage to reach my goal of three per day, Monday through Friday, for the next two weeks, I’ll only need to do ten more in the last two weeks to reach my overall goal of 50 new products during the campaign!  I think that’s totally doable, even with school starting again on the 18th.  Removing some things from my plate and refocusing on my priorities will go a long way to helping me reach these goals.


  • Reignition: the process or act of reigniting
  • Ignite: to arouse the passions of; excite

Yep, I’m excited!  Last Thursday I launched my IndieGoGo campaign.  I made a few tweaks to what I posted in Going For It, including a few different options for the perks, so please go check it out.  I’m fairly pleased with my first attempt to make a video, and I’m thinking I might make a few tutorial videos in the future.  I just have to figure out what I want to do tutorials on!

For those of you unfamiliar with IndieGoGo, here’s how it works: I created my campaign with a goal to raise $500 for the first stage of my plans to expand Rewondered, though I hope to fulfill my larger goal of $4995 or more.  IndieGoGo takes a smaller percentage if I reach my goal, so I’m starting with the smaller amount and may do additional campaigns in the future to reach the full $4995, if I don’t quite get there with this one.

To entice you to make a contribution, I’m offering a variety of perks at different dollar amounts.  When you click any of the “Claim This Perk” or “Contribute Now” buttons, you’ll be taken to a page with all the perks listed.  Make sure the perk you want is selected.  The dollar amount will be filled in automatically for your perk, though you can change it to a larger amount if want.  If you would like more than one perk, please choose the highest dollar amount one, change the total contribution amount to the total of all the perks you want, then send me an email detailing all the perks you want.  For example, if you want a necklace and matching bracelet, you’d choose the Recreate perk and change the total contribution to $40.  If you wanted a Rewondered wedding dress and four bouquets, you’d choose the Refashion perk and change the total contribution to $700.

There is also an option for “No perk, just a contribution!” if you’re not interested in any of the perks but still want to help me out.  You can put any amount in the total contribution box.

You’ll next be asked to fill in your shipping information and then decide how you want your contribution displayed.  You can choose to have your name and amount visible, just your name, or be completely anonymous.  Then you can add a public comment if you want and choose to receive email updates from me.

Your payment can be made with a credit or debit card or with PayPal.  I prefer you pay with PayPal because I get those funds quicker, but if a credit or debit card is more convenient for you, I’m certainly not going to complain!

I’ve added pictures to the Gallery section of the six options for the autographed photo for the Record perk, and I’m also adding pictures of new products as I get them made.  My goal is to make one new product for each day of this campaign.  I’ll probably post 3 or 4 at a time, rather than one every single day.  Here are the first four:

Floor-Length Tu-Tu Petticoat

Floor-Length Tu-Tu Petticoat – New product #1! This is an item you can choose for the $50 Restyle perk, in your choice of colors. Pick just one or two colors, create a rainbow effect, or just have lots of random colors like I did here.

Charm Bracelet

Charm Bracelet – New product #2! This is an item you can choose for the $20 Recreate perk, with your choice of up to 20 charms. This one has 20, and I’m planning to wear it for my wedding, as each charm has a special meaning to us. The hand: To Have and To Hold. The money bag: For Richer or Poorer. The nurse’s cap: In Sickness and In Health. The skull: Til Death Do Us Part.

Record Stand

Record Stand – New product #3! I upcycled a couple of vinyl records that were destined for the trash bin, a bowl and a glass, and a bunch of Mardi Gras beads to form this awesome stand I’ll be using for cupcakes at my wedding.

Rock Rings

Rock Rings – New product #4! Adorable novelty rings on an adjustable band. Brings new meaning to “giving her a big rock” for an engagement ring. Just make sure she has a good sense of humor. 😉

Which one is your favorite?

Wedding Wish List

In my last post I talked about how we don’t really want traditional wedding gifts, but would love help with our weddings instead, if anyone is so inclined.  Now that we have a few more plans figured out, I thought I would elaborate on what we’re looking for.  This list is pretty long, and mostly for my own planning purposes.  I certainly don’t expect to get everything donated, or receive enough cash to pay for everything, but every little bit helps.  If you want to donate something, please email me at so we can arrange the details, or if you want to make a donation via PayPal, you can use my ChipIn.

Gift Cards – Most of the things I’ll need to buy will be at JoAnn Fabrics, Micheal’s, Walmart, and Dollar Tree.

Tables and Chairs – We’re going to need to rent them, because borrowing enough tables and chairs for 75 guests would be rather problematic and a logistical nightmare.  My preliminary estimates show this will cost around $200.

Sound System – We’re DJs, so of course we’re going to want to have music!  I’m planning to use my laptop, but we’ll need some way to hook it up to speakers so it can be heard throughout the yard.  I’m not really sure what the best way to do this is yet, so I’m unsure about the cost.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  We’re considering webcasting the wedding for those who can’t attend in person, so we’ll also need equipment for that if we decide that’s a go.

Popcorn Machine – One of those movie theater types, like the one pictured.  Anyone happen to have anything like this we can borrow? We can rent one for $45 but I’m also finding small ones I can buy for $50-75, and I wouldn’t mind having one of my own. I’ll need to buy popcorn and oil and seasonings as well.

Photographers – Ideally, I’d like to have 2-3 people designated as official photographers.  They don’t necessarily need to be professionals, but should have good digital cameras.  I’m not looking for any kind of professional photo package, I just want digital copies of all the pictures taken, as well as full copyrights so I can do whatever I want with them.  Of course, I’m perfectly willing to allow any pictures taken to be used in the photographer’s portfolio and/or on their website.  Videographers would be awesome, too.

Beverages – We’re working out the details of our catering still, but I’m pretty sure our guests would like things to drink.  So cans and bottles of various drinkables (soda, juice, liquor, mixers, wine, beer, water, etc.) will need to be procured.  Our friends have offered to donate a case of champagne, so we’ll be able to do a toast, but we’ll need some sparkling cider or something for the non-drinkers.

Dishes and Utensils – We’re probably just going with paper and plastic here.  We don’t want to make anyone wash 150 plates and glasses.  I’ll probably just spend $50 or so at the dollar store.

Fabric, Tulle and Ribbon – I am making my dress and vests for all the men in the wedding party.  I’ll also be making fabric, tulle and ribbon streamers for decorations, and fabric flowers.  So I’ll need lots of fabric, tulle, and ribbon in silver/grey and jewel tones (ruby red, amethyst purple, peridot green, emerald green, sapphire blue, topaz orange, etc).

My first purchases for the weddings, including some rolls of tulle and ribbon

Jewelry and Craft Supplies – I want to make flowers out of fabric and ribbon with centers made from old jewelry such as brooches, earrings, rings, buttons, and beads.  I’m going to be making a necklace and corset jewelry for myself.  I’m going to be making as many things for this wedding as I can, so craft supplies are going to be essential!  And of course, I will be making and selling things to raise funds for the weddings, so any old or broken or otherwise unwanted jewelry that I can rewonder would be most appreciated.  Other craft supplies I know I’ll need: glue, crafts sticks and dowels, wire, thread, clothesline or similar rope, poster board, foam core board, tape, plastic bags, and paint.

HP 60 Ink Cartridges (Black and Color) – I’m printing out the invitations, programs, signs, etc. on my handy dandy HP printer.  Which means I’ll also need cardstock, paper, envelopes, and postage stamps.

Costumes, Hats, Masks, etc. – We want to have a photo booth where people can put on funny hats and masks and other accessories and ham it up for the camera.  Since we have people traveling from several different states to attend the weddings, I’m going to ask each guest to have a picture taken with a sign that represents the state they live in.  Or maybe an atlas opened to their state’s page.  It will depend on what I find/make.

Used Books and CDs – We love reading and music, and feel that books and CDs that are no longer wanted should be passed on so someone else can enjoy them.  We are asking our guests to bring a few used books and CDs that they no longer want so we can set up a swap table where they can find some new (to them) treasures to take home.  Any leftovers will be donated to a worthy cause, such as our local library or a group raising funds for a charity we’d like to support.  Anyone who wants to can also send me a box of books and/or CDs before the wedding to “seed” the swap table.

Anything unwanted that I can rewonder and/or sell to raise funds for the wedding – Some suggestions: clothing (all kinds), prom or wedding dresses, shoes and boots, jewelry and watches, purses and other bags, small toys, sewing patterns, curtains and blankets (for the fabric), jewelry boxes and other nifty containers, trinkets and whatnot.  I’m hoping to flood my Etsy shop and eBay over the next few months.

Duplicates in Oregon – We’re doing it all over again in Oregon in 2013 so many of the above things will also be needed there.  I’m also looking for a place to host it that will hold 75-100 people, someone or someones to cater or provide food, someone to make a cake and cupcakes, and of course we’ll need plane tickets so we can be there!

Whew!  That’s quite a list, huh?  And I only have *gulp* 135 days until the wedding.  Guess I better go get cracking! 🙂

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