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365 Days of Gratitude: January 25th and 26th, 2013

Didn’t have time to do a Gratitude List before leaving for Birka yesterday morning, so you are once again getting two days at once.

(If you’re not sure what this is all about, please read the first post)

I’m grateful for (January 25th):

  1. The Five Month Wedding Anniversary being the Chocolate/Energy Bars/Printer Ink Anniversary.  Or maybe that’s just what you buy your wife when she’s having a mild panic attack before a show.
  2. Not sliding into the guard rail or ditch when I realized there was no way I was making a 25mph turn and aborted my attempt to take the exit.  And the wide fishtailing didn’t become a full spin, and I was able to back out from the side of the road where I ended up and get back on the highway fairly easily.  Also, for the car that stopped and made sure I was able to do all that before moving on themselves.  I have no idea who was in that car, but I appreciate their concern and willingness to help if necessary.  Always nice to have reminders that there are still people who care about others in this world. 🙂
  3. Not getting a ticket when I was pulled over for going too slow.  After that scare and realizing that the roads were mostly okay but still had some really nasty patches that I didn’t want to be going too fast when I hit them, I was overly cautious.  And really, I think the police officer was more concerned that I might have been drinking than about my actual speed.

I’m grateful for (January 26th):

  1. Getting to see friends and meet new people at Birka.  Being introduced as “Random’s Wife” still amuses me greatly.
  2. The experience of being a merchant at an SCA event.  While I had helped out a friend with one before and had a table of my jewelry there, this was really my first event as a “real” merchant.  Sales weren’t as great as I had hoped, and I was rather surprised that some things I thought for sure would sell did not, but I did sell several things and made back more than I paid in, which is the mark of any successful show.  I’m already making plans for next year.  And of course I now have a ton of stuff that needs to get added to my Etsy shop!
  3. The roads were clear on the way home.

Now starts the crazy week of catching up on everything I pushed aside the last couple of weeks while I dealt with the flu and getting ready for Birka.

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