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365 Days of Gratitude: January 15th, 2013

(If you’re not sure what this is all about, please read the first post)

I’m grateful for:

  1. Deciding to drive Lorne to his doctor’s appointment.  He was going to drive himself because he didn’t want to take me away from my work, but he’s much more important and I would have just been worrying about him all day if I didn’t go with him.  Considering how exhausted he was when we got home, it was a good decision.
  2. It’s just the flu, no secondary infections, or anything else to worry about.  Rest, fluids, all that, and maybe he shouldn’t try to play a healer when he’s feverish, especially if he’s not even on his healer character. 😉
  3. DJ Shecky splitting Lorne’s show with me, so I could get a bit more work done without splitting my concentration.  I like to work on jewelry while I’m broadcasting, but with so many screens to monitor (broadcaster, game, chat, instant messages, etc.) I have a hard time making significant progress.  So broadcasting for four and a half hours instead of six allowed me to be more productive than I would have been.

So today’s person I’m grateful for is Shecky, a.k.a. Mike Kavka.

I met Shecky when I returned to The Cape Radio after the year and a half hiatus caused by my divorce.  I was drawn by his sense of humor and enthusiasm, and we soon became fast friends.  We decided to try a relationship, and I moved in with him, but it didn’t last even a year.  Our breakup was rather messy, but I’m grateful that we were able to remain friends.  He is an awesome guy, but we are so very NOT right for each other.

Which reminds me of a funny incident in The Cape’s global channel.  Somehow the discussion had turned to combining The Cape’s DJs to form SuperDJs, and one of our listeners who didn’t know our history suggested Wondie and Shecky.  My reply, “It would never work,” caused another DJ who did know our history to fall out of her chair laughing.  The listener was apologetic when I explained what was so funny, but I’m still amused by it, and any other attempts to pair us off.

Anyway, I think we both learned a lot about ourselves during that year, though.  One of the things I admire most about Shecky is his desire to seek knowledge.  He knows he doesn’t know, and searches for the answers.  He is always learning.  He is not afraid to ask “why?” even when he knows the answer might not be a pleasant one.

I also admire his perseverance.  He does not give up easily.  And he’ll keep trying something different until he finds the way that works.  And lord help you if you’re a computer virus, he will hunt you down and destroy you. 😉

I am grateful for all the computer help he has given me, including resurrecting my laptop from a particularly nasty virus.  I am grateful for his encouragement to sing and taking me out to karaoke, even though I am nowhere near as good as he is.  I am grateful for the music he has shared and the new artists he has introduced me to.  I am grateful for all the work he has put into The Cape, especially the annual get-together which is now fondly known as CapeCon.  For those who missed the announcement last night, the next one will be the weekend of July 13th, 2013.  I missed last year’s (getting married a month later kind of took precedence over travel plans) but it’s the only one I’ve missed so far, and I hope to keep it that way.

So thank you Shecky, for all that you do and all that you are.  And thank you for not giving up on our friendship.

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