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365 Days of Gratitude: January 14th, 2013

Sorry today’s list is a bit late, I slept in a bit and then offered to drive my husband to his doctor’s appointment.  Tomorrow’s list may include my gratefulness that it’s just the flu and nothing else, and hopefully, that he’s not sharing it with me. 🙂

Anyway, without further ado, let me go over yesterday…

(If you’re not sure what this is all about, please read the first post)

I’m grateful for:

  1. Not having to call CSCC and rip someone a new one.  I’m working on my Individualized Studies degree program this term, and got the list of what credits were accepted and what I can try to use for this degree, and four terms were missing.  Luckily, my professor just overlooked page two of my transcript and it was a quick and easy fix.  Also, 1a) An exception for the speech class I took years ago to be counted for my communications requirement, despite the credits I got for it back then not being quite enough to meet the current specifications.
  2. Getting an extension on an assignment for my other class.  It was due the day after Birka and was stressing me out as I saw no way to get it done properly with all the other things I had to do for school and to get ready for the event.  So now it’s due a week later and I am a much happier camper about it!
  3. Knowing a herald in the SCA, and his willingness to go out of his way to help me find documentation for the name I want to use.

And while you might think I’d chose him for today’s person I’m grateful for, I’m going to save him for another day when I can write a longer post.  Today’s person is someone I don’t even remember, my grandfather, Natalino Dicianna.

My Grandpa Nat died just a few months before my third birthday, so I have no recollection of him.  But I’ve heard stories of how thrilled he was to have a granddaughter.  My favorite is this one: while my mother was in labor, my two sets of grandparents were in the waiting room, playing cards and Yahtzee to pass the time.  Since this was right before Valentine’s Day, they had a dish of those conversation candy hearts they were snacking on.  My Grandpa Nat had decided that he wanted me to be a girl and that only eating the pink ones would ensure that.  So that’s what he did, and he was apparently pretty pleased that it worked!  He didn’t get his way on naming me Natalie, though.

So in his honor, I decided the name I want to use for my SCA persona is Natalia DiCianno and be a merchant from the Napoli area, where his (and my) family is originally from.  Who knows, maybe I’m playing an ancestor of mine. 🙂

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