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365 Days of Gratitude: January 12th, 2013

(If you’re not sure what this is all about, please read the first post)

I’m grateful for:

  1. Going on a date with my husband.  We had an excellent lunch at a TexMex restaurant, window-shopped at a liquor store, saw The Hobbit, then bought new pillows.  The last might not sound very romantic, but it leads to…
  2. My new memory foam pillow.  Been wanting one for a long time, and we’re hoping it helps me sleep better.  Considering I didn’t toss and turn half the night and slept in until 9am this morning (I’m usually up between 6-7am), it’s looking like it will.
  3. Getting emails from customers saying they love their products that they got from me.

And the person I’m grateful for today is Jeff Collins.

Jeff is my husband’s best friend, and I’d still be writing next week if I tried to thank him for everything he’s done for me and Lorne.  He was Lorne’s Best Man at the wedding, which was held in his backyard, so let’s start there.  Our wedding would not have happened without him (and a few others, but I’ll save them for another day), and he refuses to let us know what he actually spent, but I know he rented all the tables and chairs and the popcorn machine.  He welcomed my family and friends into his home over that weekend as if they were his own.

And I am grateful that he has welcomed me into his family.  Jeff and his wife are who Lorne and I have spent Christmas with the last two years, and their house is like a second home to us.  We try to get down there at least once a month, but sometimes it stretches to two or three.

I really don’t have the words to express how grateful I am to know another one of the most awesome people on this planet.  So I’m just going to say thank you, Jeff.  Thank you for being part of my family.

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  1. Jeff says “Awww,” which is I think as coherent as he’s getting today. (We are House of Plague this weekend.)

    • Hope he feels better soon, and forgive me for being grateful we’re not visiting this weekend! 🙂


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