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365 Days of Gratitude: January 8th, 2013

(If you’re not sure what this is all about, please read the first post)

I’m grateful for:

  1. People who get a joke, and respond to it appropriately.  Nothing wrong with people who don’t, it just tickles me when I get the response I’m looking for.
  2. Finding out the wire cube set I got at Goodwill doesn’t make a set of 6 cubes… it makes 9! (Well, minus a few connectors, but I have extras… somewhere).
  3. Making enough progress on the cleaning and reorganizing that it’s actually beginning to look like I’ve been cleaning and reorganizing and not just moving piles from one spot to another.

And the person I’m grateful for today is Detra.

Detra is one of the most awesome people on this planet.  But Detra defies stereotypes and the typical masculine/feminine pronouns and I never know which one to use.  He is an excellent single dad, and his son absolutely adores him.  She is easily distracted with a compliment on her great legs (and it’s a sincere compliment, trust me!) which usually gets a response along the lines of “Oh stop it, Sweetie, you’re making me blush!” (and if you’ve heard the Detra voice, you just heard it in your head reading that, didn’t you?)

Detra and I met through The Cape Radio when I was doing a fill-in show on Thanksgiving in 2007.  I got a tell asking, “Do you have any Van Halen?”  I responded with “Of course I have Van Halen!  I’ve seen them in concert four times and I have all their albums.  What do you want to hear?”  That was enough to cement our friendship right there.

When I got laid off in 2009, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to afford to stay in the Chicago area, and Detra offered me a place to live rent free until I could get back on my feet.  Not only that, but he gave me his bedroom so I could have my own space and some privacy, and spent the next 8 months I lived there sleeping on the couch.  And didn’t want me to go when I moved out.

When Lorne and I started talking about our wedding, I knew I wanted Detra to be my Maid of Honor.  She was excited and honored to be asked, but didn’t feel she could do the role justice being nearly 800 miles away.  I assured her that she was the only one I wanted for the role, and kept reassuring her every time she told me it was okay if I wanted to ask someone else.  And she was absolutely stunning and did a fantastic job.

Detra has taught me a great deal about not judging a book by its cover.  Anyone who doesn’t take the time to look beneath the surface and get to know the real Detra is missing out on a great friend.  She is an inspiration for being yourself and realizing that the different aspects of yourself are still you, and they can all live happily together.  I admire his enthusiasm and the way he geeks out over the things he loves.  Detra is one of the most generous, open-minded, and just plain fun people you will ever meet, if you are lucky enough to do so.  I count myself as extremely fortunate to have Detra in my life.

Wondie loves you Detra!  Thank you for being you.

Another gratuitous wedding photo! Detra looking fabulous, of course. 🙂

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