365 Days of Gratitude: January 7th, 2013

(If you’re not sure what this is all about, please read the first post)

I’m grateful for:

  1. More progress on the cleaning and organizing of the studio.  Lorne was surprised to learn I actually have a floor in here!
  2. A great first week of sales: 3 on Etsy and 2 on ebay.  Small dollar amounts, but if this is my average per week for the rest of the year, I will blow 2012’s sales out of the water!
  3. Sudafed.  The snot monster living in my head is greatly subdued by it, thus allowing me to get stuff done.

And the person I’m grateful for today is Marilyn Wells.

I met Marilyn when I was dating her son Ryan through most of my high school days.  She took me under her wing and quickly became another mother to me.  I still think of her as my Mommy, despite not having seen her in way too many years than I’d like to count.  I always loved her sense of humor (though her daughter didn’t appreciate her acting retarded at the mall, I thought it was hilarious).

When I had a bit of a nervous breakdown at school near the end of my junior year, it was to her house that I went to seek sanctuary.  After spending that summer with my mother, Marilyn invited me to move in to her house so I could finish high school at Lebanon, where all my friends were.  Ryan had joined the Air Force and Marilyn did her best to facilitate our long distance relationship, but it wasn’t meant to be.  As our phone calls increasingly became fights that ended with me in tears, she began to tell him I wasn’t home when he called.  Most of the time it was true, as I spent more and more time at my friends’ homes instead, but several times she was looking right at me when she told him she hadn’t seen me.

She was my rock through those turbulent teenage years, when the rest of my world was falling apart around me.  I am eternally grateful to have had her as a part of my life.  While I may not have ever been her daughter-in-law, I still consider myself to be her daughter.

I love you Mommy.  Thank you for everything!

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