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365 Days of Gratitude: January 3, 2013

(If you’re not sure what this is all about, please read the first post)

I am grateful for:

  1. Finding most of what I needed and some great deals on things I can use (like another set of wire storage cubes for $5 and a quilt rack for $1 which I can use for displays at shows and storage in my studio).
  2. My Goodwill discount card.  Did you know you can get a discount card at Goodwill for $10 a year and you’ll save 10% on every purchase and 25% on your birthday?  Guess what I’m doing for my birthday this year! 😛  (So the cubes were actually only $4.50 and the quilt rack was 90 cents!)
  3. My bargain hunting skills. 😀

And the person I am grateful for this day is my great-grandmother, who I knew as Gram.

I have given some thought as to whether I should include people in this project that are no longer living, or that I am likely to never meet in person nor hope that they’ll ever read my blog .  Part of the purpose of this project is to say thank you to those people who have impacted my life, so I considered not including anyone who would never actually read these posts.  But that leaves out a good number of people who have had huge influences on me, and I think they deserve my thanks, whether or not they’re aware of them.

My Gram passed away a week before my birthday in 2009.  But with the theme of today’s Gratitude List, she needs to be included.  Anyone who knew my Gram can probably tell you stories of her bargain hunting skills!  We found stacks and stacks of items in her house with the clearance price tags still attached… most of which had been marked down several times.  I am grateful that whatever gene carries her nose for a deal was passed down to me.

But what I admired most about my Gram was her feistiness.  She was not one to let life get her down.  And life threw some doozies at her: life-threatening burns when her house exploded due to a faulty furnace, the death of a granddaughter in a drunk driving accident, her daughter losing her battle with breast cancer.  But perhaps that’s why she always seemed to live each day to the fullest.  She was always active and involved, and never met a stranger.  My uncle told a story at her funeral about helping her pick out a new car just a couple of years before she died.  He tried to steer her toward a grey one, but she told him that was “an old lady color” and insisted on a red one!  Feisty should have been her middle name.

Her death came as a great shock to me.  Sure, she was 92 years old, but I honestly thought she would live forever.  She was the type who would have met the Grim Reaper, challenged him to a game of cards, and given him “that look” when he dared to take a card she wanted.  She played to have fun, but she also played to win.  He must have had a lucky run of cards, or stacked the deck.

I am grateful for my Gram, and the lessons she taught me: never let life get you down, live each day to the fullest, and always play to win. 🙂

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  1. Your gram sounds like quite a lady. She may not be able to read your blog, but I believe that wherever she is, she feels your love and gratitude, and I know that she must have when she was alive.


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