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Reaggregation: A Collection of Unorganized Thoughts – Part 2: Inventory

  • Aggregation – collection into an unorganized whole

On Friday I rambled about Events, and today I’m moving on to product ideas and inventory.

Inventory for Shows

Now I need to figure out what to actually take to sell at the shows.  I’ve mostly been taking only jewelry to the events I’ve done so far this year, because I’ve been dealing with one 6-foot table as my space and I don’t really have enough inventory of my other items yet.  Going to a 10×10 layout will definitely allow me to take more than just jewelry, though.  So what do I make?

One thing I’ve decided is that I’m no longer going to list my one-of-a-kind items in my Etsy shop, at least until after the holidays.  These are items I’ll be taking to the shows and home parties.  This will help me with inventory control, as I won’t have to worry about selling something in person and online at the same time, or deactivating online listings when I go to a show, or searching through my show inventory to find something I sold online.  To save space for one-of-a-kind items in my show display, I can leave out the items I have up online and just have a book of photos of them, directing people to go online to make those purchases.  This is one of the reasons I’m looking for photo albums, as I want to print out photos of my items for that, as well as photos of the custom orders I’ve done, and have those available for people to look through to get ideas for their own custom orders (more on items I’m looking for later).

As I mentioned before, I’m planning to do more “period” pieces and have a selection of inventory that’s geared toward SCA events.  I’ve been collecting Medieval and Renaissance portraits and artwork on a Pinterest board for inspiration.  I’m also looking at garb, such as some simple T-tunics made from “upcycled” fabric to keep costs down.  While maybe not strictly period, my aim is more toward “the look for less” so those who don’t sew and can’t afford something more elaborate can still fit in.  With that in mind, I’m also thinking of taking some modern clothing and “rewondering” it to look more period.  Another idea is to create some mix and match modular designs, such as sleeves that tie on, tabards and aprons, and various accessories that can completely change the look of a basic piece.  I’ll need to do some more research, but I’ve found a few patterns to start playing with.

Speaking of patterns, I took pictures of all the patterns I currently have and posted them in an album on my Facebook page.  I view patterns like I do recipes, as a basic guideline that I can spice up or make substitutions to as I see fit.  I like to take elements of various patterns and mix them together to create something unique.  I love doing custom orders, so email me at rewondered@gmail.com if you have an idea of something special I can make for you.

I also want to expand on the 50 products I made for my IndieGoGo campaign, increase my inventory of those types of items, and create more of the ideas I haven’t made up yet.  I’ve been considering trying another IndieGoGo campaign with another 50 new products in 50 days, but I’m not sure if doing that going into the holiday season is a good idea or not.  My focus will probably be on replenishing stock for the shows, rather than making new items.  However, some of the items I’m planning to do for the shows are new designs, so with some coordination and organization, I might be able to pull it off.

Speaking of holidays, I’d also like to get some Halloween and costume designs done and up, and time is running short for those.  And I should be already thinking about Christmas designs.  I have a few up in my Etsy shop, but should probably get a few more done.

New Designs

So here are some of the new items I’m working on:

  • Period “Replica” Jewelry – Designs based on portraits and artwork from the Middle Ages and Renaissance.
  • Basic garb – T-tunics, chemises, simple dresses, etc.
  • “Upcycled” garb – Modern clothing “rewondered” to look more period.
  • Garb “Accessories” – Sleeves that tie on, aprons, tabards, headdresses, hats, belts and sashes, pouches, corsets, etc.
  • Steampunk “Accessories” – Bustles and overskirts, corset tops, top hats, bags and purses, belts and harnesses, spats, cuffs, etc.
  • Costume and cosplay pieces – I’d love to try some recreations of costume pieces that are available in City of Heroes, and I have several other costume patterns I need to play with.
  • Hair accessories – Barrettes, headbands, hair sticks, elastics, and various headpieces.
  • More bags – I have a bunch of different patterns and a few other ideas floating around in my head.
  • Skirts – I’m working on a few of my own design, and I have several patterns.
  • Wondiosyncra-Tees – Upcycled t-shirts featuring descriptive words.
  • “Feminized” t-shirts – I’ve seen several nifty ideas for taking a regular t-shirt and making it more fitted and more feminine.
  • More “rewondered” clothing and costume pieces
  • More embellished hoodies
  • More pillows
  • More wall art – Word art designs using quotes, collages and mixed media, signs, etc.
  • Adding matching earrings and/or bracelets to some of my current designs

Hmm… maybe another 50 new items in 50 days wouldn’t be so hard to do after all.  Do you have any ideas for things you’d like me to try my hand at?  I’m always open to suggestions!  And boy, do I need to get busy!  So I’ll bring this post to a close, and we’ll have a part 3 soon™.

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