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The Final Countdown – 8…

Eight days left in my IndieGoGo campaign and today I bring you a version of “The Final Countdown” played on a Kazookeylele – part kazoo, part ukulele, and part toy piano.  I think it’s an epic example of rewondering and was made by Stuart Crouts.  Check out his youtube page for more awesome songs played on this instrument and others!


Thankfully, eight stands for 80’s today, regarding the temperature outside.  We have a forecasted high of 87 with thunderstorms rolling in this afternoon, so I might be able to get back into the studio later today.  I love the sound of the rain on the roof while I’m working!  The rain will also wash away some of this pollen that’s been kicking my ass.  The foliage in the area loved all the sunshine we’ve been getting.  It’s pretty to look at, but it’s out to kill me, I swear.  Thank goodness for allergy medications!  And thank goodness for Throat Coat tea.  Hot tea when it’s in the 90’s may not sound like a great idea, but my throat is very grateful for it.

The rest of the forecast over the next 8 days looks much more bearable, and we should only need the A/C for another day or two.  I’ll be playing catch up this weekend and working very hard all next week to get more new products made and posted.  I’ve been updating the quantity available for each of the items up in my Etsy shop.  I have more necklaces to list, but not the full array of pictures I usually post.  I may just start posting them with what I do have and go back and add in the additional pictures later.  Several of the ones not on Etsy yet can be seen in the gallery.

I’m up to 20 votes at http://www.missionsmallbusiness.com and need 230 more in order for my application to be considered, so if you have a Facebook account, please click that link, log in, search for Rewondered, and click the vote button.  You only have to do it once but I need the votes by June 30th.

And of course, please continue to help get my IndieGoGo campaign noticed.  Instructions are laid out in my Day 10 post.  Or just go to http://www.indiegogo.com/rewondered1 and make a contribution!  You can use PayPal or any major credit or debit card.  Even $5 would be a major help, as every little bit counts.  Thank you for your support!

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