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Regenerate – to re-create, reconstitute, or make over, especially in a better form or condition.

Yep, that’s my thing, that’s what I do.  I take things that are generally unwanted or unusable in their present condition, and re-create them into something wonderful.  I love taking something plain and boring and making it interesting and fun.  I love taking something broken and giving it new life.  That’s the whole premise behind Rewondered, and a lot of what I’m trying to do with some of the new products I’ve been introducing.

As I mentioned on Sunday, I’m going to start posting three items at a time as I get them completed and photographed, though I do have a few items that I think deserve a post all by themselves.  You’ll see what I mean when I get them posted.  But today I’m posting three.

First up is an item for our wedding.  Lorne often jokes about getting some popcorn whenever our friends are getting lovey-dovey, so I asked if we could borrow a popcorn machine for the wedding, to give people something to snack on before and during the ceremony.  I stole a line from Lorne, “Ah, Love. I can watch it for hours.” and put that on the labels of these cute little cups.  They’re a little small, so people will probably have to get refills, but there will be lots of food at the reception so they won’t want to fill up on popcorn too much anyway.

Wedding Popcorn Cups

Wedding Popcorn Cups

I made another pillow from a shirt, this time a dress shirt that I loved, but the material was just a little too “weird” for wearing.  Not really uncomfortable or scratchy, but a little clingy and just didn’t feel right on my skin all day.  But it works great as a pillow!

Dress Shirt Pillow

Dress Shirt Pillow

And finally, I’ve been working on some ideas for rewondering hoodies.  I love hoodies and have quite a few, but you wouldn’t really expect me to wear something plain and boring, would you?  So I’m dressing them up a bit.  This one uses a reverse applique technique.  I cut out star shapes on the front and back and sewed a piece of red fabric with white stars to the back side of the hoodie so it would show through the star shape.  I figured I’d do this particular design in Rewondered’s red and grey colors, since the star is my symbol.  I might have to see about adding my logo to the other side.

Reverse Applique Hoodie - Front

Reverse Applique Hoodie – Front

Reverse Applique Hoodie - Back

Reverse Applique Hoodie – Back

And that’s going to do it for this post.  I’ll have more for you later, as I’m continuing to finish up all these half-started projects.  The next two weeks will be kind of hectic, with school starting up again yesterday, my IndieGoGo campaign coming to an end on the 29th, getting invitations to the wedding out, figuring out hotels and other travel arrangements for our guests that are coming from other states, and deciding if I want to pursue two other possible opportunities I’ve found that have deadlines of June 30th.  One is a very nice grant for my business, but would require 250 likes on Facebook and answers to some essay questions.  The other is an “audition” for a design team which would require me to make four items using a particular company’s products.  Because really, I don’t have enough on my plate, right?  😛

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