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The Best Laid Plans…

… go completely to hell when you get a migraine.  I should cross stitch that on a sampler and put it up in my bedroom.

Wednesday morning I woke up around 4am in excruciating pain.  I managed to stumble downstairs to get something to drink so I could take some pain killers and fell back into bed again.  I woke up around 10am and the worst of the pain was over, but I was still having occasional stabs of pain through my head and my eyes had that hollowed out feeling.  My concentration was shot, my vision was blurred, and I didn’t feel like doing much of anything.  Reading and writing were out, as was making jewelry.  The noise of the sewing machine wasn’t going to be pleasant either.  So I ended up taking Lorne’s advice and had tea and chocolate and played Diablo 3 all day.  The graphics aren’t too bright or flashy, and playing by myself I could limit my movement and pace to what my eyes could handle.

Unfortunately, I have a circulatory issue that makes it impossible for me to take most migraine medications, so I’m stuck with over the counter pain relievers.  This means it usually takes me a day or two at least to completely recover from a migraine.  Thursday I ran some errands and was fighting off dizziness and nausea the whole time.  Friday I was doing better but I mostly did “maintenance” work: a little cleaning and organizing of the studio, washing fabric and clothes I want to rewonder, putting the things I need for a project together in one place, that sort of thing.  So I haven’t been able to complete any new products for a few days.  I’m hoping to get a few done this weekend.

One thing I thought would be fun to do with my rewondered pieces is show you before and after pictures.  This means I’ll have to plan my projects ahead a little better so I can get those before pictures taken before I start cutting things up.  Today I’m going to work on my wedding dress, so that will be my first entry in the Before and After series.  Depending on how long that takes me, I might have it up later today or tomorrow.

Last week, I asked for your help getting my IndieGoGo campaign noticed.  While I’m still not appearing anywhere on IndieGoGo, my numbers are going up, so thank you for all your efforts and please, keep it up!  Here’s a peek at the difference in my stats since last week:

  • Vistitors – Up to 71 from 36 (nearly doubled!)
  • Views – Up to 163 from 58 (nearly tripled!)
  • Funders – Up to 3 from 1 (tripled!)
  • Contributions – Up to $70 from $25 (nearly tripled!)
  • Favorites – Up to 7 from 2 (nearly quadrupled!)
  • Referrals – Up to 165 from 129.  Referrals is the number of visits that result from someone sharing your campaign using widgets, facebook, twitter and emails (from the SHARE THIS CAMPAIGN section)

I’ve got two weeks left for my campaign, so I’m still holding out hope that I can hit that $500 mark.  If we can continue to get it viewed, shared, favorited and referred, perhaps I’ll start showing up in the Final Countdown section when I have 10 days left.  So please, please, please, follow the instructions laid out in No News and Good News and do whatever you can to help!

Oh, and you know how I said I’d be lucky if 20 people read my Regarding The Oatmeal post?  Currently, that post has had 42 views!  It ranks 4th in my most popular posts, behind the one where I announced my engagement, the one about making the Mardi Gras bead bikini, and the one listing the things I’d like for my wedding.  I did put a note up on The Oatmeal’s Facebook page asking him to direct his fans to support other IndieGoGo campaigns, but I doubt he ever saw it.  It was buried within minutes under the flow of comments, and I can’t imagine he has time to read every comment posted like I do (they’re sent to my email so I don’t miss them).  His campaign is currently up to $174,065 from 11,485 funders.  And he’s not even offering any perks!  I’m in awe.

Anyway, time for me to get back to work.  Stay tuned for the results of my efforts today!

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