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Regarding The Oatmeal

Yesterday, The Oatmeal posted a campaign on IndieGoGo, hoping to raise $20,000 to donate to the National Wildlife Federation and the American Cancer Society, in response to a rather ridiculous lawsuit threat.  That goal was reached in just 64 minutes.  At the time I am posting this, 6989 people have contributed a total of $102,929.  And there’s still 15 days left.

And this makes me rather sad.

Not because I don’t love The Oatmeal, I definitely do.  Not because these aren’t great causes to raise funds for, they definitely are.  And not because this isn’t an awesome response to the idiocy of this lawsuit threat, it definitely is.  I am saddened because I have absolutely no hope of competing against The Oatmeal.  And I definitely am.

IndieGoGo is a merit-based fundraising platform, meaning that each campaign is weighed against all other campaigns to determine which ones appear on the front page, on category pages, in search rankings, in IndieGoGo’s newsletter or blog, on their Twitter, etc.  This is the Gogofactor I was talking about last Saturday.  The Oatmeal’s Gogofactor must be astronomical.  How can any of us small guys compete?  It’s great that he’s bringing people to IndieGoGo, but are any of them sticking around to check out any of the other worthy causes and struggling artists who are trying to make their dreams come true?  And even if they are, it does me absolutely no good, since my Gogofactor is so low that I don’t even show up anywhere unless you’re specifically looking for Rewondered.  The Fashion category shows two pages of campaigns that have already ended and only one page of current campaigns, but you won’t find me there.  Even clicking “Near Me” shows me six campaigns, none of them mine.  The Oatmeal currently occupies two spots on the front page, and is in the first spot in the Animals category.

Now, I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve his success, he has certainly worked hard to get to where he is today, and I don’t begrudge him a single penny.  I’m saddened because it illustrates just how far I have to go still on this road to success.  I don’t know exactly what kind of traffic The Oatmeal gets, but I know that I’m lucky if 20 people will read this post.  Over 600,000 people like The Oatmeal’s Facebook page, while Rewondered’s only has 305.  I know it’s stupid to compare myself, but it’s becoming very clear to me that I don’t have the clout or network to make this kind of campaign work.

But this doesn’t mean I’m giving up.  Oh hell no.  I still have 18 days left in my campaign.  I still have 26 new products to make and post. I still have hope.

And I still have much more to accomplish with Rewondered, whether I reach my fundraising goal or not.  I’ll still do everything I planned out in my campaign, it will just take me a lot longer to implement everything, and some things will have to be modified.  I already know I’m not going to make it to Ba-Con this year.  Maybe next year, or maybe I can find a Con in New England that I can do instead.  Who knows?  Life enjoys throwing me curve balls, after all.  I’ll just be over here, practicing my swing.

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  1. *hugs* I feel your pain. Feel much the same when I see other writers’ wild successes. I don’t begrudge it, but I want to find the combination of skill, timing and luck that will make it happen for me.

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