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No News and Good News

As you may have noticed, I didn’t get any new products up yesterday.  I decided to start working on some Rewondered clothing pieces, but I only got a couple done and several more planned out.  My original thought was to make things that fit me, and do a photo shoot so y’all could see them on an actual person, rather than just laid out on the floor or on a hanger (since I don’t have a dress form).  So I spent a lot of time trying pieces on and realizing I’d gained a bit more weight since moving to New Hampshire than I thought.  Oops.  This is NOT the good news part!

Some time ago, I picked up a silver dress at Goodwill for $5, thinking I would use it for the material.  Looking at it on the hanger, the style didn’t really thrill me anyway.  But yesterday I thought thought to myself, “Hmm, maybe I could do something with the bodice of this dress.”  I was trying things on anyway, so I put on the dress.  It fit!  And not only did it fit, but when I looked at myself in the mirror, I could completely envision how a few alterations would make it MY wedding dress.  I had originally planned to make everything separate pieces, but with a bit of elastic here, some eyelets there, and some tulle over here, it will bring my vision to life in a slightly different, but awesome way.  So there’s the good news, I have my wedding dress!  And everything I need to alter it I already have on hand, so total cost is $5 and my time.  Sweet!

I’m taking the rest of the weekend off to spend with Lorne, as tomorrow will be one year since the day we first met in person.  A silly “anniversary” to celebrate, but I’ve been a little stressed out the past few weeks and I need an excuse to relax and pay attention to the man I love.  Still hard to believe how much has changed in one year, and that it’s only been one year!  But like the quote from When Harry Met Sally I used on our Save the Dates, “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”  Now I’m looking forward to the rest of my life, and the rest of my weekend!  I’ll be back on Monday with new stuff, definitely.

In the meantime, I would love your help getting my IndieGoGo campaign noticed.  The campaigns with the highest “Gogofactor” get listed first and are shown on the front page.  I am currently not even showing up on the Fashion category page, therefore the only people who are seeing my campaign are those who are clicking on the links I personally have posted.  If this is going to succeed, I need strangers to see my campaign too!  So I’d like to ask you to help me get my “Gogofactor” up.  Here’s how:

  • Go to http://www.indiegogo.com/rewondered1.  Each view counts toward my “Gogofactor” so go take a look!
  • Under my video there is a box that says “Share this campaign.”  Do any or all of the following:
    • Click on the heart to add my campaign to your favorites.  You may need to create an account on IndieGoGo to do this, I’m not sure.
    • If you have Facebook, click on the “Like” button.  It will ask you if you want to post it on your Facebook and you don’t have to, but it would be awesome if you did!
    • If you have Twitter, click on the “Tweet” button.  It will pop up with a pre-filled message and link to the campaign, so you can just send it as is or change up the message.  “Wondie said I had to tweet this” is fine. 😛
    • If you have Google+, click on the “g+” button.  Again, you don’t have to actually post it on your Google+ but it would be awesome if you did!
    • If you have a website or blog and wouldn’t mind posting the nifty little widget you see at top right of this one, click the “Embed” button for the iframe code to use.
    • If you use Outlook and want to email this to some friends, click the “email” button and Outlook will pop up with a pre-filled message, you just have to add in email address to the “To” section.  Of course, you can change the message to make it more personal to whoever you are sending it to.
  • Above the video are several tabs.  Click on the “Comment” tab and write something nice like “Good luck!” or “Wondie is awesome!”  Whatever you want, just keep it clean, okay? 😉
  • Make a contribution, even if it’s only $5.  See my post on how to make a contribution if you have any questions, and my post on how and when you’ll get your perks.
  • Go to my Facebook page, my Twitter, and my website and click the link to the campaign there.  Views from other social sites count, so ask people to click on any links you post, too.

The more of each of these that happen, the more my Gogofactor will go up, and thus will raise my chances of showing up on the front page of IndieGoGo.  I know it will take a little time for you to do any of these things, and I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out.  Hopefully I’ll see a huge raise in my stats when I get home on Monday!  There are only three weeks left in the campaign, and every little bit helps, so please, do what you can to help me make this dream come true.

Thank you, and have a great weekend!

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