So what is this nifty new item that I saved for last, the fiftieth of my 50 new products in 50 days?

The title is a good hint, but first, let me tell you a little bit about The Cape Radio.  For those unfamiliar, it’s a small internet radio station that caters to players of City of Heroes on the Virtue server.  I’ve been a DJ off and on for nearly eight years, and I’ve seen a lot of players come and go.  I’m constantly amazed by the community we have and I’m happy to have remained friends with several people even after they stopped playing the game.  What makes us such a great community and awesome friends?  Well, we all seem to have at least one thing in common.  We’re all crazy. 😛

I don’t even remember how it started, but when someone new joins the global channel, I greet them with “Welcome to the asylum!  What color/pattern would you like your straitjacket?”  If I’m not there, they’re told to see Wondie for their straitjacket.  We can get any color or pattern we want and people are pretty creative.  I’ve always said mine has flames on it, since my main character and DJ persona, One Hit Wonder, is a fire blaster.

Which inspired me to create the Straitjacket Hoodie.

Straitjacket Hoodie - Front

Straitjacket Hoodie – Front

Straitjacket Hoodie - Back

Straitjacket Hoodie – Back

The straps on the sleeves can be buckled into the bottom row on the back.  The rest are just decorative.  Obviously this isn’t meant to really restrain anyone, it’s just for fun, and is otherwise a functional hoodie.  And of course I can make them in any color or pattern combination.

Want one of your own?  Make a $50 contribution to my IndieGoGo campaign by 11:59pm Pacific time June 29th (that’s in about 9 hours!).  After that, we’ll talk… just lie down on this couch over here…


The Final Countdown – 1…

One day left in my IndieGoGo campaign!  You only have until 11:59pm Pacific to make a contribution!

I think I saved the best video for last:

Last day… only about 10 hours left as I finally get to posting this.  So the next countdown from 10 starts now, but I won’t be posting for each number, mostly because I don’t want to stay up until 3am my time!

I wanted to get the last six new products done before I posted, and I’m happy to say I did it!  I made 50 new items in 50 days!  And I still have tons of ideas and half-finished products.  I’m going to continue to try and make one new item every day, because it feeds my soul as well as my business.  I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up this posting every day though!  I’ll be taking a break next week as I head down to Columbus to pick up some of the supplies I have in storage and take care of some other business there, but after my return I plan to post new products on a regular basis.

So here’s the last of the new products!

I had a bunch of these scraps of white fabric, all cut exactly the same in a vaguely triangular shape.  I decided to sew them together and make a wrap skirt, using silver blanket binding as the sash/belt.  It’s just folded up on the hanger here, I’ll have to get a pic of it actually on someone.

White Scrap Wrap Skirt

White Scrap Wrap Skirt

I used to be very into scrapbooking, and actually had someone pay me $750 to do a 50-page custom scrapbook as a gift for his parents’ 50th wedding anniversary (and I’d be happy to do more custom scrapbooking, just email me).  I even decoupaged an album cover, like I did with this new product, which will be the front cover of my own wedding scrapbook.

Wedding Scrapbook Album Cover

Wedding Scrapbook Album Cover

I’m amused with the “Once upon a time” paper, as the story is “The Princess and the Frog.”  I still need to seal it and make the back cover, and get page protectors for the inside.  This next item will be the first page of my scrapbook:

Wedding Scrapbook Page

Wedding Scrapbook Page

I know the cover and page don’t seem to go together, but our “theme” is An Eclectic Hodge-Podge of Happiness so we’re just throwing everything we love together and having a mash-up wedding.  Which is appropriate since this princess is marrying the King of the Mash-up. 😉

Our colors are pretty much all the colors, and I have a huge storage tub full of odds and ends of ribbons, so I decided to make this Bow-quet.



I love puns.  And it was a lot of fun sticking bows all over this!

And last but not least, I’ll give you a sneak peak at my wedding dress.  I’m planning to do a Before and After post, showing you what I started with and how the entire dress looks finished, but I need to get someone to take pics of me actually in the dress.  And it’s 91 degrees out right now so that’s not happening today.  I’d rather wait until my actual wedding day to sweat in my dress!  But anyway, here’s what it looks like on the hanger:

My Wedding Dress

My Wedding Dress

But wait, that’s only five things.  Where’s number 50?  Well, I think it’s so awesome that it deserves a post all to itself.  So I’ll be posting that a little bit later.  I think it’s going to become one of my signature pieces.  I told one friend of the idea and his immediate response was “I want one!”  Don’t worry, I won’t keep you in suspense TOO long. 😉

Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all my new products as I’ve made them.  I need to get some better pictures and create the listings for my Etsy shop, which will be next up on the agenda.  Thanks for taking an interest in my IndieGoGo campaign and your support!  I’m still $290 from my goal, which would go a long way toward getting these products up for sale (Etsy fees, packaging, store subscription, etc) and getting more supplies from storage so I can create even more new products.  I know I have a bunch of steampunk ideas in the works sitting in that storage unit in Columbus, and the more I can get from my IndieGoGo campaign, the less I need to borrow for gas money to get things here where I can actually work on them!  So please, make a contribution, even $5 will help.  And don’t forget to tell all your friends to make their contribution before the clock runs out tonight!

The Final Countdown – 2…

Two days left in my IndieGoGo campaign!  I suppose I should have done this one for 8 days, but I found it after I’d already posted day 8 so it gets to be day 2 instead.

Two days… well a day and an evening.  My campaign ends at 11:59pm Pacific time tomorrow night.  I’m a little late with this post because I had the bright idea that since I was posting an 8-bit rendition of The Final Countdown, I should post 8 bits of new products.  So I made eight new bags!

The first six are more skirt bags, upcycled from little girls’ skirts and dresses.  Any of these are available as choices for the $20 Recreate Perk.

Blue and White Striped Skirt Bag with Gold Ribbon Strap

Blue and White Striped Skirt Bag with Gold Ribbon Strap

Purple Corduroy Girls Skirt Bag

Purple Corduroy Girls Skirt Bag

Tiny Leopard Print Skirt Bag

Tiny Leopard Print Skirt Bag

Purple Plaid Skirt Bag

Purple Plaid Skirt Bag

Denim Skirt Bag with Embroidered Handle

Denim Skirt Bag with Embroidered Handle

Brown Corduroy Skirt Bag

Brown Corduroy Skirt Bag

The last two are made from long-sleeved t-shirts.  I cut the sleeves into strips and braided or twisted them to form the handles, knotting the pieces at the top.

Girls Rock T-Shirt Bag

Girls Rock T-Shirt Bag

Music T-Shirt Bag

Music T-Shirt Bag

This brings me up to 44 new products, so I need to post six more tomorrow to meet my goal.  I’ve got two already done and one very nearly done, so I think I’ll make it!  Then comes the task of putting new listings up on Etsy.

Speaking of Etsy, one year ago today they started keeping track of the number of views our shops and listings were receiving.  So in the past year, my Etsy shop has had a total of 2,853 views, consisting of 986 shop views and 1,867 listing views.  My shop has been favorited 31 times and my listings have been favorited 139 times, for a total of 170 favorites.  I’ve had six orders in that time frame.  Considering the amount of upheaval my life and business have been through in the past year, I don’t think those numbers are too shabby.  I’d like to see them grow a lot more though before the year is out, so getting new items up is going to be a priority in the coming months.

As I wrap up this post, there are 32 hours left in my IndieGoGo campaign.  Not much time left to make a contribution, so please go claim a perk! 🙂

The Final Countdown – 3…

Three days left in my IndieGoGo campaign!  Since yesterday’s video said the arrangement was from the Laibach version, I had to go find the Laibach version for comparison.  What do you think?

Three days left, and I have three new products for you!  First up is another Rewondered skirt.  I took a plain skirt that was too small and added a plaid panel to the front.  I have more of the plaid fabric, so I’m planning to make a matching top.

Rewondered Panel Skirt

Rewondered Panel Skirt

Next we have a new bracelet design featuring charms and beads.  This one has a music/rock ‘n’ roll theme and my favorite colors of red, silver, and black.  It’s available as one of the choices for the $20 Recreate perk!

Rock N Roll Bead and Charm Bracelet

Rock N Roll Bead and Charm Bracelet

And now something for the wedding… bride and groom champagne glasses.  I made charms that say “bride” and “groom” and added a frog charm to his and a mouse charm to mine.  The frog and mouse are nicknames of ours and refers to the song Froggy Went A-Courtin’Here’s a version by Suzy Bogguss.

Bride and Groom Champagne Glasses

Bride and Groom Champagne Glasses

Speaking of the wedding, I’ve been trying to figure out a hotel for my out of town guests.  There are concerts going on nearby that weekend, and all the hotels closest to the wedding site are booked up.  I’m looking at ones that are a 15-25 minute drive and it’s so hard to decide on one when the online reviews seem to go from “bug-infested hovel” to “this placed is awesome!”  Which is it?  I’m afraid to trust the good reviews in case my guests get there and experience the bad ones.  I may just have to roll a die and trust the powers of chance.

And to add to my hair-pulling, my desktop computer decided to go belly up last night, which isn’t as big as a deal as it could be except for one thing: the wedding invitation.  I didn’t back that up to my laptop because I don’t have Publisher on it.  I’m tempted to just forget invites and send everyone the code for the wedsite instead.  Or perhaps postcard invites with “You’re invited! Go to the wedsite for more info!”  That’s what I get for procrastinating on sending them, I guess.  *sigh*

On a brighter note, my IndieGoGo campaign is doing well, and I’m up to $210 in contributions, with just $290 left to reach my goal!  I’m hoping for more last minute contributions, which will help me get to Columbus to get some of my supplies out of storage, and get more items up in my Etsy shop and online store.  All contributions will go directly into the business and be split among phases one and two as best I can, as those are the most imperative right now.  I will update by the end of July with an exact accounting of how I spent/will spend every penny contributed, so you’ll know exactly what I did with the money.  And I’ll continue to update this blog with new products and how the money is helping Rewondered.

Thanks again for your contributions and help spreading the word about my IndieGoGo campaign!  You all rock!

The Final Countdown – 4…

Four days left in my IndieGoGo campaign!  The marching band geek in me squeed when I found this one:


For those that didn’t know me in my past life (aka before my divorce), I used to be on the Color Guard of the Get A Life Marching Band, the One More Time Around Again Marching Band, and the Oregon State Alumni Band (even though I never attended Oregon State).  I miss spinning a flag and marching in parades, but I don’t miss rehearsals/performances three or four times a week.  How would I fit those into my schedule?  But summer is parade season and I can’t help but be nostalgic.

So I’m in a bit of a retrospective mood already, and when I look at the calendar, I realize it was three years ago today that I got laid off from my full-time job as an Administrative Assistant for a non-profit agency due to budget cuts.  It wasn’t a surprise, I knew it was coming, and had already moved out of my apartment and packed up my car to go stay with a friend while I figured out what to do.  I had started my college classes a few months earlier with the intention of starting my own business eventually, but “eventually” came sooner than I expected.

I began exploring my options.  I loved the idea of starting my own event planning business, but I didn’t feel I had the connections or funds necessary to make that work for me.  What I did have was a ton of used merchandise sitting in storage and a creative streak a mile wide.  I’ve always wanted to own a used bookstore or secondhand clothing shop, but again I didn’t have the funds necessary to open a brick and mortar store.  So I decided to set up an online secondhand shop.  As time went on, I realized I needed to narrow my focus, so I settled on jewelry, and I’m slowly expanding into clothing, costumes, accessories, and other handmade and upcycled items.

I still love the idea of opening a store of my own, but I also love the flexibility of an online business.  I like being able to go visit friends for the weekend, or take a day off to concentrate on my homework.  I like being able to work in my pajamas, and can still get at least some stuff done when I’m sick.  So the idea of a store will have to wait until I have enough funds to not only start and run it, but also hire someone to mind it.

For now, I will continue on with the plans outlined in my IndieGoGo campaign, implementing things as I have the funds to do so.  I am grateful for the contributions I’ve received so far, and every bit will go directly into the business.  I’ll be continuing to make and post new items for the rest of this week, and next week I’ll concentrate on adding new items to my Etsy shop and online store.  Today, I need to work on a homework assignment first and foremost, then I can get back in the studio again.  I have several projects in various states of completion, so hopefully by tomorrow I’ll have some actually finished!

My gogofactor is up this week, but still not enough to make it onto IndieGoGo’s site anywhere.  So I’d love it if you could go to and use the tools in the Share This Campaign section under the video.  You can find more complete instructions in my Day 10 post.  IndieGoGo’s research shows that people need to see my campaign three times before they make a contribution, so click here, then here, then here and then choose a perk! 😛  You can also make a contribution without choosing a perk, if you want.  All contributions of $10 or more will receive a $25 gift certificate to my Etsy shop or online store, in addition to any other perks claimed.  For more information about making a contribution, read this post, and for more information about receiving the perk you choose, read this one.

Thank you for your support, I appreciate it more than I have words to express.

The Final Countdown – 5…

Five days left in my IndieGoGo campaign!  Today’s version of The Final Countdown comes from the Twang Gang.

Five days… how time flies.  And how easily it seems to slip away from me.  I get working on a project and the next time I look at a clock, I’m amazed how much time has passed.  I have alarms set to go off at various times throughout the day to help me keep track, but that doesn’t always help.  Sometimes it just makes me nervous about how long something is taking me to get done.

Speaking of time and nervousness, today marks two months until the wedding.  *flails like a Muppet*  I still need to get the invitations out, get measurements of the guys in the wedding party so I can make vests and jabots for them, figure out what exactly we’re doing about the cake and cupcakes, decide what songs we want and make a playlist, finish my wedding dress, make the decorations and favors and bouquets and and and…

*deep breath*  Okay, it sounds like a lot, but it’s doable.  Some will even be done by the end of the week.  I still need to add 17 new products by Friday to reach my goal, and several of those are things I’m working on for the wedding, so that kills two birds with one stone.  The weather is cooling down again so I can get back into my studio, I’m nearly done with my playlist for tonight, and taking NyQuil last night seemed to help with the snot-brain.  I’m still snotty, but my concentration is much better today than it was yesterday.

Which is good, because I have a ton to do.  And I’d better get to it!

The Final Countdown – 6…

Six days left in my IndieGoGo campaign!  I’ll just put this here…

So um, yeah… six days left!  I have so much to do in the next six days, I really don’t have time to be sick, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to admit I have a cold.  Grrr.  At least the throat feels better.  But this head full of snot is really not pleasant.  And I certainly don’t want to be sneezing all over my projects.  *sigh*

I slept in this morning, took a bunch of cold and allergy meds, had a cup of tea and a big glass of orange juice, ate some waffles and bacon, and am feeling a bit more human.  We’ll see how much I actually get done today.  It might have to be a sick day, which means I can only do two things at once instead of five.  At least, that’s Lorne’s definition. 🙂

I’m working on a playlist for Monday night when I’ll be filling in for Cyclos on The Cape Radio.  I have a fun theme planned, just working through which songs fit it best.  Tune your media player to from 7pm to 11pm eastern.  And hopefully I’ll be a little less snot-brained than I was last night on the air.  Still, I think the Dawn Patrol‘s party went well.

My first homework assignment of the term is due on Wednesday, so I need to get busy on that.  I basically need to give myself a crash course in programs I’ve never really worked with before.  Should be fun.  This is the last class required for my Electronic Marketing Certificate.  Will be nice to have something to show for all the hard work I’ve been doing in school, other than the stack of letters saying I’m on the Dean’s List.  Which are nice, but don’t carry a lot of weight on my resume.

I’m going to cut this a bit short today, as much as you might enjoy my snot-brained ramblings.  Please continue to share my IndieGoGo campaign and if you haven’t voted for Rewondered yet at please do.  I’ve still got a long way to go on both of these endeavors, and not a lot of time left, so your help is greatly appreciated.

The Final Countdown – 7…

Seven days left in my IndieGoGo campaign!  Today’s version of The Final Countdown is played on a Nintendo DS in the game Music Monstars.

I’m sure I’ll lose a bit of my gamer girl cred when I say I don’t have a Nintendo DS.  Actually, I’m rarely finding the time to play many games at all, so my gamer girl cred is sure to be revoked soon.  I did finish Diablo 3 on normal mode, since Lorne insists that “the couple that slays together, stays together.”  So we’ve been trying to make time to play as often as we can.  I also started a Staff Fighting/Energy Aura Scrapper in City of Heroes and my supergroup, The Dawn Patrol, is having a party tonight to celebrate their 8th anniversary and the start of summer.  I’ll be DJing that on The Cape Radio so be sure and tune in from 8-11pm eastern!

I didn’t get my thunderstorm last night.  Instead, it waited until I was out running errands today and on my way home.  I would have much preferred viewing the awesome storm through my studio windows, rather than my windshield.  But I got home safely and the paper products I bought can wait in the car until the rain stops.

Speaking of paper products, here’s a new banner I made using a fun font called Lucky Ape.  I printed each piece on white cardstock, then colored them with colored pencils.

Lucky In Love Cardstock Banner

Lucky In Love Cardstock Banner

Since I haven’t been able to do any sewing for the last few days, I went back to making jewelry.  Here is a fun necklace using bead caps that look like flowers.

Silver Daisy Chain Necklace

Silver Daisy Chain Necklace

And last, but not least, another rainbow piece, a button bracelet decorated with beads.  Don’t forget that using the coupon code LGBTPRIDE will get you 20% off in my Etsy store!

Double Rainbow and Grey Button Beaded Bracelet

Double Rainbow and Grey Button Beaded Bracelet

Both the necklace and the bracelet are available as choices for the $20 Recreate perk, or perhaps they’ll spark your idea for a custom made necklace or bracelet.  I’m almost 1/4 of the way to my goal… I just need to find 19 people who agree with me that $20 is a great deal for a handmade necklace, bracelet, or bag.  Plus they’ll get another $25 to spend in my Etsy shop, since all contributions over $10 get a $25 gift certificate.

Don’t forget to read the Day 10 post for how you can help me up my stats on IndieGoGo so my campaign will show up on their site.  There is not a lot of time left, so please click those links and share with everyone you know.  I think I deserve to be there much more than the person who just posted a campaign to raise $2000 so she can buy a designer purse.  Don’t you?

The Final Countdown – 8…

Eight days left in my IndieGoGo campaign and today I bring you a version of “The Final Countdown” played on a Kazookeylele – part kazoo, part ukulele, and part toy piano.  I think it’s an epic example of rewondering and was made by Stuart Crouts.  Check out his youtube page for more awesome songs played on this instrument and others!


Thankfully, eight stands for 80’s today, regarding the temperature outside.  We have a forecasted high of 87 with thunderstorms rolling in this afternoon, so I might be able to get back into the studio later today.  I love the sound of the rain on the roof while I’m working!  The rain will also wash away some of this pollen that’s been kicking my ass.  The foliage in the area loved all the sunshine we’ve been getting.  It’s pretty to look at, but it’s out to kill me, I swear.  Thank goodness for allergy medications!  And thank goodness for Throat Coat tea.  Hot tea when it’s in the 90’s may not sound like a great idea, but my throat is very grateful for it.

The rest of the forecast over the next 8 days looks much more bearable, and we should only need the A/C for another day or two.  I’ll be playing catch up this weekend and working very hard all next week to get more new products made and posted.  I’ve been updating the quantity available for each of the items up in my Etsy shop.  I have more necklaces to list, but not the full array of pictures I usually post.  I may just start posting them with what I do have and go back and add in the additional pictures later.  Several of the ones not on Etsy yet can be seen in the gallery.

I’m up to 20 votes at and need 230 more in order for my application to be considered, so if you have a Facebook account, please click that link, log in, search for Rewondered, and click the vote button.  You only have to do it once but I need the votes by June 30th.

And of course, please continue to help get my IndieGoGo campaign noticed.  Instructions are laid out in my Day 10 post.  Or just go to and make a contribution!  You can use PayPal or any major credit or debit card.  Even $5 would be a major help, as every little bit counts.  Thank you for your support!

The Final Countdown – 9…

Nine days left in my IndieGoGo campaign!  Below is an awesome mashup of Europe’s “The Final Countdown” and Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” created by Wax Audio.  I have Lorne to thank for this.  He played it on his show on The Cape Radio last Tuesday.  It’s on their latest album, Mashopolus III: Mashups for the People, which you can get here.


Nine days left, and I’m still not showing up anywhere on the IndieGoGo site.  My stats do keep going up though, so thank you for your help and please, keep it up!  If you haven’t read Day 10 yet, there are instructions there on ways you can help increase my stats and spread the word of my campaign.

Right now, nine stands for 90’s, as in the temperature outside.  We hit a high of 95 yesterday and today’s forecast is for 94, according to  I managed to work in my studio a bit yesterday morning before the heat drove me to the only air-conditioned room in the house, leaving a half-finished project still on my sewing machine.  I really want to finish it, because it’s awesome and I want to show it to you, but I just can’t be in my studio right now.  Just moving my laptop and a few projects to work on into the now air-conditioned bedroom (thanks to our roommate for helping us install the window air-conditioning unit!) had me headachy and feeling like I might pass out.  So the sewing machine stays were it is.  I’m not leaving this room unless I have to!

Unfortunately that means I might not be able to get any new products up for another day or two.  I have a few finished, but I still need pictures, and the areas I have set up to take pictures are in other rooms, plus the computer I use to get the pictures off my camera is in the studio.  I apparently left my card reader adapter in Ohio, and that’s the only computer I have that has one built in for that type of card.

Speaking of Ohio, I desperately need to take a trip out there and get more of my supplies.  While this is listed as Phase 2 of my campaign, with a goal of $1000, I will be modifying my plans based on what contributions I do receive, splitting it between the first two phases as best I can.  I’m planning to head out there July 5th, which is a huge stretch to my budget, so I’m really hoping for a few more contributions to help offset the cost of gas.

I’m going to spend most of today taking stock and updating my inventory on Etsy.  Don’t forget you can use the code LGBTPRIDE to get 20% off in my Etsy store, plus you can now pay with a credit or debit card instead of PayPal!  I’m also trying to decide if I want to keep my online store or not, as the monthly fees are really cutting into my budget.  I’m thinking of expanding the offerings there to include crafting supplies and used items, and just having a $5 flat rate shipping per order.  I have a ton of stickers and other scrapbooking supplies, used clothing and accessories that I haven’t rewondered yet, and other items that I can’t sell on Etsy, so the store would be good place to list them instead.  I’m also looking into other avenues of online selling.  I’ve had some luck with eBay, but the fees are atrocious.  Where do you shop for used items, handmade clothing and jewelry, and craft supplies?

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