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Reworking and Renewing

I’ve been pretty busy the past week and it shows no signs of stopping this coming week!  But I’ve found some time to make a few new items.  Today I’d like to introduce to you two new lines: handmade earrings and Rewondered bags.

I’m working on earrings that can match my current necklace designs, as well as some new designs.  There are three styles I made last week:

  • Simple Charm Earrings – each earring has one single charm
  • Beaded Charm Earrings – each earring has a headpin strung with beads
  • Charm and Bead Earrings – each earring has an eyepin strung with beads and a charm
Cat Key Simple Charm Earrings

Cat Key Simple Charm Earrings

Rainbow Beaded Charm Earrings

Rainbow Beaded Charm Earrings

Rainbow Star Charm and Bead Earrings

Rainbow Star Charm and Bead Earrings

I think they turned out pretty good, and I should be getting them listed in my Etsy shop within the next couple of weeks.  There will be a lot more earrings designs soon, and I have some ideas for a few other styles as well.

But what I’m really excited about is my new Rewondered Bags line!  I finally got some time in on my sewing machine and turned a pile of pants and skirts into some new bags.  This line will mostly be one of a kind items, since I am upcycling old clothing into a new, useful item.  I finished three this week, and have my eye on a few more.  These are so much fun for me, I hope to make them a major part of my overall product line.

First up, we have a little tote bag made from an old pair of shorts that had a skirt over the top of them.  I removed the shorts part and sewed together the bottom seam of the skirt part.  From the big box of trims I received from a friend, I found a nifty piece of light blue trim, braided it with a piece of white, and sewed it to the side seams of the waistband to form the handle for the bag.

Blue Bag Rewondered from old shorts/skort

Blue Bag Rewondered from old shorts/skort

Next, we have what I call a “Pocket Bag” since it’s made out of a pocket from a pair of pants.  I rescued these pants from being thrown out because I had this vision in mind as soon as I saw the pockets.  I didn’t even realize the pockets had built in zippers!  I carefully cut out the pockets and sewed up the back, then made a strap out of a bit of the pant leg.  I’m glad I ended up with 3 pairs of these pants so I can make six of these bags, because I am definitely keeping one for myself!

Rewondered Pocket Bag

Rewondered Pocket Bag

And last, but certainly not least, because this one is definitely my favorite (and those who know me well can probably guess why), we have this adorable pleated skirt bag!  This one was easy, because the skirt had a lining so I just sewed that shut and added the strap from a piece I found in that big box of trims.  That box was a goldmine of a gift, let me tell you!

Rewondered Pleated Skirt Bag

Rewondered Pleated Skirt Bag

I have another red skirt just like this one that’s going to get the same treatment.  These bags, and others I will be making, are available for the $20 Recreate perk during my Indiegogo.com campaign.  The regular price will be $25-30 once I add them to my Etsy shop, so if you want one of these or something like it, hurry and make your contribution before the campaign ends!  You can also choose any necklace or bracelet currently listed in my Etsy shop for the $20 Recreate perk, instead of a custom made one.  One of a Kind and Limited Edition items are available on a first come, first served basis – contributors will get their choice of available items (or a custom made one) in the order I receive their contribution.

I’m hoping to get a few more items made this week but I also have two final projects due on Friday for my Marketing classes and a yard sale to get ready for on Saturday.  But after taking my finals next week I am done with school until June 18th and you can bet I’ll be taking advantage of that free time to make more new products!

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