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Going For It

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about and looking into crowdfunding for Rewondered.  And I’ve decided to go for it.  I’m going to use Indiegogo because I like the way they do things and the whole system is easy to navigate.  I’m still working on my pitch video, but I should be taking the campaign live by next week.  I thought I’d give you guys a preview of what I have planned.  Below is the copy that will appear on Indiegogo once my campaign goes live:


Repurpose – What are we doing here?

The purpose of this campaign is to allow Rewondered to introduce new product lines and wedding designs, many of which use repurposed materials.

Rewondered – What is Rewondered?

Rewondered is a one-woman handmade fashion business specializing in items for anyone who wants to express their style in a distinctive and unconventional fashion.

When I decided to start my own business, I wanted it express my creativity, as well as do some small part to save the world (I’m not a superhero in real life, but I play one online). I started designing jewelry using a variety of new and used materials, old broken pieces, found objects, leftover craft supplies, and anything else I thought was interesting. I try to reuse and recycle as much as possible, thus keeping perfectly good objects out of the landfills. I love taking something that could be considered “junk” and “rewondering” it into something… well, wonderful.

I have been planning to expand my product lines for some time, but Rewondered took a bit of a back seat when I relocated to New Hampshire last summer. However, I now have a studio set up and I’m ready to start bringing my ideas to life. I’m getting married in August, and plan to make as much of the attire and decorations for the wedding as possible, so these designs will also be incorporated into my new product lines. In addition, I’m planning to start a line of “rewondered” wedding and prom dresses. I would love to create one-of-a-kind pieces for other brides and special occasions. A once-in-a-lifetime day deserves a once-in-a-lifetime dress!

Request – How Can You Help?

My campaign here on Indiegogo respectfully requests your assistance in helping me get these product lines made and available for sale. I think everyone deserves to express their own distinctive style however they wish, and it’s my goal to provide them with products that can help them do so. I love doing custom work, and particularly look forward to helping brides bring their vision of their perfect wedding to life.

There are several phases to my plans for Rewondered, and this campaign’s goal is to raise money for the first phase, at least. Additional funds raised will allow me to implement additional phases. All money raised will go toward Rewondered’s expansion plans and operating expenses. If I don’t reach my fund-raising goal, I’ll implement as much as I can and any leftover monies will pay for things like listing fees and supplies.

Reveal – Phase 1

I’ll be adding pictures to the gallery of my new designs as I get them done.  Here are just a few of the new product ideas I’m working on: earrings, bracelets, corset jewelry, corsets and waist cinchers, shrugs and jackets, skirts, tutus and petticoats, bustles and overskirts, vests, jabots and neckties, fabric and paper flowers, brooch bouquets, boutonnieres, framed text-based art prints, veils, fascinators, wedding favors, decorations, key chains, photo booth props, “flair” (buttons or pins), and tote bags. Posting 500 new products on Etsy will cost me $100 for listing fees and one year of my online store subscription is about $240. I will need ink for my printer, labels, cardstock, and plastic bags to create tags and packaging, as well as mailing supplies. I’m estimating another $160 for these. Total Reveal phase: $500.

Reclaim – Phase 2

When I moved to New Hampshire, most of my supplies were put into storage in Ohio. This includes tons of old jewelry and beads, scrapbooking paper and embellishments, clothing (including some formal dresses), fabric, miscellaneous craft supplies, and some furniture that I could use in my studio. Phase 2 is reclaiming these supplies and moving them from Ohio to New Hampshire. I am estimating this will cost around $500. Total Reclaim phase: $500. Total of Reveal + Reclaim phases: $1000.

Reconnect – Phase 3

The next phase is connecting to my customers in person. My goal is to have a table or booth at at least one convention, festival, or fair each month. I would love to return to Ba-Con, which is at the end of June. I am estimating that vending fees and travel will cost approximately $350. I am planning on appearing once a month (June-October) at the Concord Arts Market. This will cost me $200, plus I will be required to have a 10×10 canopy and 25-pound weights for each leg, which I found on Amazon for $188. I’ll be looking for things I can buy used and/or repurpose for displays, such as garment racks, wire cubes, jewelry displays, hangers, and mannequins. I’m not sure exactly what I need until I figure out what products I want to take to the shows, so I’ll estimate $262 just to bring me to an even $1000 for this phase. Total Reconnect phase: $1000. Total of Reveal + Reclaim + Reconnect phases: $2000.

Redesign – Phase 4

This is where I implement the Rewondered Wedding Dress product line. Three adjustable dress forms (small, medium, and large), will give me the ability to customize to a wide range of sizes. These will cost around $300. A portable washing machine that I can use to dye fabrics will cost about $100. I’ll need a supply of wedding dresses I can alter, so a $500 shopping spree at various thrift stores should net me 5-10 dresses to start with. I’ll also need additional material, trims and embellishments, thread, zippers, etc. so I’m adding another $500 for supplies. Total of Redesign phase: $1400. Total of Reveal + Reclaim + Reconnect + Redesign phases: $3400.

Rediscover – Phase 5

While all of the above will help me get my name out there, I’ll still need to do some advertising. I want to become a Lifetime Member of OffbeatBride.com ($50) and get listed as a vendor for one year ($345). I’ve received some good traffic from Facebook and Google ads, so I’d like to try spending $100 a month on each for six months ($1200). Total of Rediscover phase: $1595. Total of Reveal + Reclaim + Reconnect + Redesign + Rediscover phases: $4995

Repercussions – What will fully funding this campaign accomplish?

What this will do for me is get my business off its training wheels and riding down the big hill without fear. My dream is to run Rewondered full-time and actually make a living at it.

What this will do for my customers is get them something uniquely “them” at an affordable price. Those who own my necklaces often get complimented on them. And those who get one of my Rewondered Wedding Dresses can be confident that they are getting a truly unique dress, custom designed to their taste and style, and they’re not breaking the budget to get it!

What this will do for the world is keep more items out of landfills. I will also be offering designs to various charities that I believe in, which they can auction off for their cause, as well as creating special signature pieces where the proceeds will go to a specific charity.

What this will do for you….

Rewards – What’s in it for you?

Ah yes, the perks! First of all, everyone who contributes at least $5 will be Regarded and receive a special thank you tweet from @Rewondered on Twitter or a thank you post on Rewondered’s Facebook Page, as well as their name listed on a special thank you page on my website. Everyone who contributes at least $10 will receive a $25 gift certificate which they can Redeem in my Etsy shop or online store.

Then we get into the items I will custom make for you.

  • For a $20 contribution, you can choose a necklace or a bracelet, custom made for you with up to 20 charms or beaded sections.
  • For a $25 contribution, I will send you an autographed 8×10 from my photo shoot last December, and a 2-minute recording of me reading from one of the erotica stories by Teresa Noelle Roberts.
  • For a $50 contribution, you can choose between a custom made Rewondered skirt or floor-length tutu, or a 75-piece photo booth prop package, consisting of new, repurposed and handmade items.
  • For a $100 contribution, you can choose either two bouquets or two centerpieces, custom made from a variety of materials such as fabric, paper, brooches, beads, wire, or whatever else your imagination can think up.  I’ll work with you to make something truly “you”-nique.
  • For a $500 contribution, you will be one of the first to get a customized Rewondered Wedding Dress (or other formal attire) or a customized Cosplay Outfit or costume of your choice.
  • For $4995 (and thus funding all 5 phases) I will Rewonder your entire wedding. This includes ensembles for the wedding party, such as dresses, jackets, vests, veils or fascinators, headbands or other hair accessories, jabots or neckties, and jewelry. It also includes bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces and other decorations, wedding favors, invitations, and programs. I am restricting this to ONE person, with a wedding party of no more than ten people, a guest list of no more than 200, and a wedding date of no earlier than October 2012. You also must agree to provide pictures of your wedding and allow me to use them for promotional purposes (so be sure to discuss that with your photographer, or get some really good candids).  I will also be posting on my blog about my progress on what I’m making for your wedding.  Here is your chance for a handmade wedding, using as many repurposed materials as possible, for a bargain price!

Redistribute – How else can you help?

One great way to help is to spread the word about my campaign to everyone you know through Facebook, Twitter, email, or however else you want to communicate.

Another is to contribute your unwanted jewelry, craft and sewing supplies, fabric, trims and embellishments, clothing, wedding and prom dresses, costume pieces, curtains, blankets, home decorations, and any other items you think might be useful to me. I don’t care if it’s broken, ripped, or out of style! Do you have a 10×10 canopy you’re not using? Something that will make a good display piece? Adjustable dress forms, portable washing machine, sewing machine, or serger? Things I could use to make the perks I’ve mentioned? If you live within a 2-3 hours of Hillsborough, NH or along the route between there and Columbus, OH, I can arrange to pick things up. Otherwise, talk to me about arrangements for shipping.

You can also check out the products I currently have for sale in my Etsy shop and online store. Feel free to pin the stuff you like on Pinterest or share it on Facebook or Twitter! Also check out my website, like my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter and Pinterest, and subscribe to my blog.

And don’t forget to use the Indiegogo share tools!

Thank you for taking a look at my campaign, and thank you for your contribution (monetary or otherwise).  I very much appreciate it!


The phases I’ve described are also my Road Map to Success and exactly where I want my business to go.  I’m excited about it!

So what do you think?  I tried to come up with some interesting perks (like me reading erotica – fans of my radio show will get a kick out of that idea, I’m sure) as well as a good mixture of things to choose from.  Which one interests you?

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