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Thursday Thoughts: Wedding Gifts

Let’s get the really tacky conversation out of the way.  It’s tacky to talk about wedding gifts.  It’s tacky to ask for wedding gifts.  It’s tacky to say you don’t want wedding gifts.  It’s tacky to register for wedding gifts.  It’s tacky not to register for wedding gifts.  It’s tacky to tell people where you’ve registered for wedding gifts.  It’s tacky not to tell people where you’ve registered for wedding gifts.  It’s tacky, tacky tacky!

First of all, let me be clear that NO ONE is obligated to get us a wedding gift.  That is entirely up to you.  Those of you planning to come to the wedding, especially those traveling from afar to attend, just having you with us to celebrate our special day is gift enough.  Those unable to attend, we already have the gift of being able to call you family or friend.  Anything else is just a bonus.

Admit it, we all like to get gifts. Even when the gift is truly horrendous, we still appreciate that someone thought to give us a gift at all, right? But the whole point of registries is to try and stave off those truly horrendous gifts.  Brides and grooms can pick out the stuff they really want and need, making the gift-giver’s job easy.  Just buy something off the registry and know the bride and groom will love it.  But the problem is we already have plenty of towels and we really don’t need matching his and hers monogrammed toasters.  So we’re not going to register.

What we really want and need is help with the weddings.  We have already had some generous donations of time and services, and a lovely place to host our Massachusetts wedding.  If you have something you think we might need for either of the weddings, please contact us!  We may not be able to use everything that is offered, but it’s nice to have those options!  Alternatively, we could really use cash.  I know, I know, it’s really tacky to ask for money.  But if anyone asks me “What do you want for a wedding gift?” I will immediately say “cash!”   I will be making as many of things we need as I possibly can, reusing as much as I possibly can, and cutting corners wherever I can, but it’s a fact that weddings cost money (the average wedding costs over $25,000 – ouch!).  And I am a starving artist/college student, so I have to be very careful.  A little bit of gifted cash will help ease some of our stress when the inevitable “How are we going to pay for that?” question arises.  You can contribute via PayPal using our ChipIn page, if you want.

I am also happy to receive donated items that I can reuse and rework for both the weddings and my business.  For example, anyone have any old wedding or prom dresses they’d like to give me?  Old suits or tuxedos?  I’d love to work my Rewondered magic on them, creating new designs for the wedding party.  How about fabric, ribbon, lace, buttons, notions and other craft and sewing supplies?  And of course, broken or unwanted jewelry is always accepted!  Pack it up in a box and mail it to me (or ask me to pick it up if you’re within driving distance from me).  As we work out our plans, I may put out calls for other items.

I think the “theme” of our weddings is going to be “We Get By With a Little Help From Our Friends.”  Though I think we’ll skip the human sacrifice part. 😛

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