Thursday Thoughts: Wedding Gifts

Let’s get the really tacky conversation out of the way.  It’s tacky to talk about wedding gifts.  It’s tacky to ask for wedding gifts.  It’s tacky to say you don’t want wedding gifts.  It’s tacky to register for wedding gifts.  It’s tacky not to register for wedding gifts.  It’s tacky to tell people where you’ve registered for wedding gifts.  It’s tacky not to tell people where you’ve registered for wedding gifts.  It’s tacky, tacky tacky!

First of all, let me be clear that NO ONE is obligated to get us a wedding gift.  That is entirely up to you.  Those of you planning to come to the wedding, especially those traveling from afar to attend, just having you with us to celebrate our special day is gift enough.  Those unable to attend, we already have the gift of being able to call you family or friend.  Anything else is just a bonus.

Admit it, we all like to get gifts. Even when the gift is truly horrendous, we still appreciate that someone thought to give us a gift at all, right? But the whole point of registries is to try and stave off those truly horrendous gifts.  Brides and grooms can pick out the stuff they really want and need, making the gift-giver’s job easy.  Just buy something off the registry and know the bride and groom will love it.  But the problem is we already have plenty of towels and we really don’t need matching his and hers monogrammed toasters.  So we’re not going to register.

What we really want and need is help with the weddings.  We have already had some generous donations of time and services, and a lovely place to host our Massachusetts wedding.  If you have something you think we might need for either of the weddings, please contact us!  We may not be able to use everything that is offered, but it’s nice to have those options!  Alternatively, we could really use cash.  I know, I know, it’s really tacky to ask for money.  But if anyone asks me “What do you want for a wedding gift?” I will immediately say “cash!”   I will be making as many of things we need as I possibly can, reusing as much as I possibly can, and cutting corners wherever I can, but it’s a fact that weddings cost money (the average wedding costs over $25,000 – ouch!).  And I am a starving artist/college student, so I have to be very careful.  A little bit of gifted cash will help ease some of our stress when the inevitable “How are we going to pay for that?” question arises.  You can contribute via PayPal using our ChipIn page, if you want.

I am also happy to receive donated items that I can reuse and rework for both the weddings and my business.  For example, anyone have any old wedding or prom dresses they’d like to give me?  Old suits or tuxedos?  I’d love to work my Rewondered magic on them, creating new designs for the wedding party.  How about fabric, ribbon, lace, buttons, notions and other craft and sewing supplies?  And of course, broken or unwanted jewelry is always accepted!  Pack it up in a box and mail it to me (or ask me to pick it up if you’re within driving distance from me).  As we work out our plans, I may put out calls for other items.

I think the “theme” of our weddings is going to be “We Get By With a Little Help From Our Friends.”  Though I think we’ll skip the human sacrifice part. 😛

Letting the Cat Out of the Bag

Well now.  You know how I’ve been completely ferret-brained lately?  There is actually a good reason for at least some of my distraction…

I’m getting married.


Wow.  I’m getting married.  After my divorce in 2005, I seriously doubted I’d ever say those words, and here I am.  Seven years ago I never wanted to get married again, and vowed that it would take someone really special to change my mind.  Lucky for me, I found someone really special. 🙂

I actually knew I was going to marry Lorne about a month after we officially met in person.  For those that don’t know the story, we’re both DJs for The Cape Radio, so we’ve known each other online for about six years, but we only met in person last June, at the station’s annual meet and greet in Chicago.  A month later, I ventured to New Hampshire to spend a week with him, and ended up staying nine days.  He asked me then how I felt about marriage, and I knew in that instant that I wanted to marry him.  We agreed that we needed to live together a year before we got married though, so on August 22nd, 2011, I moved to New Hampshire.

Since then, he’s actually proposed several times, but always included the caveat that he was going to propose properly.  Last Thursday night, he proposed again, but this time he told me “this is not a drill.”  Of course, just like every other time, I said yes. 🙂

We’d actually already begun discussing possible dates before the “official” proposal, and I’d jokingly suggested August 23rd, since that would make sure we fulfilled the one year agreement we had made (though we really don’t need the whole year to be sure anymore).  We thought about May, but figured that would be a little too soon to get everything together.  The “June Bride” thing is a bit too conventional and overdone for our tastes, and July is out because of his birthday and the trip to my high school reunion.  As we looked at the calendar this past weekend, late August made the most sense.  But the 23rd is a Thursday, and we wanted a weekend wedding, so we will be getting married on August 25th, in the backyard of Lorne’s best friends’ house in Massachusetts.  Since the majority of my family is in Oregon and likely won’t be able to travel clear across the country, we will be having a second ceremony out there next year, for our one year anniversary.  Oh, and legally we’ll be getting married in New Hampshire sometime before the wedding in Massachusetts (I’m still saying the 23rd would be appropriate!) so that’s actually three weddings all together.  Though the New Hampshire one will probably be the short short version. 😛

Three weddings in three different states with practically no budget to speak of?  Yeah, I can do this.  I’ll be making a lot of things myself, relying on the help of many of our friends (we already have the venue, catering, officiant, and a case of champagne pledged by our generous friends!) and keeping things as small as possible.  My event planning and organizational skills will be put to the test, and my creativity will have quite the workout!  But it will be fun, and give me the excuse to try some new designs for Rewondered too.  I might even post some samples and have a poll to determine what actually makes it into the weddings.  Seriously, I have way too many ideas for my dress, even with three weddings!

You’ll be hearing a lot more about this over the next (gulp!) five months as we firm up our plans and put them into place. My goals are to NOT be Bridezilla and to keep Lorne from freaking out (his eyes have already begun to glass over a few times) so this blog will be a bit of an outlet for me.  You’ve been warned! 😛


Thursday Thoughts: Plan of Attack

In less than three weeks, I’ll be on a plane to Florida.  I’m  not sure which I’m more nervous about: dealing with the TSA or meeting my Spousal Equivalent’s mother.

So, to keep my mind off these particular terrors, I’m going to spend March concentrating on business planning, organization, and new product creation.  I have spent/am spending this week getting my studio cleaned up and organized, and on Monday I’m going to post some pictures here so you can see what it looks like.  Too bad I didn’t think to take some before pictures, because it’s a pretty dramatic transformation!

Now that I have a much more workable space, I’m ready to get back to the One Hit Wonder Project.  However, since I will be shutting everything down for the week I am in Florida, it seems better to just wait and start everything up again after I return.  This will also give me some time to work ahead, having things ready to go so it’s just a matter of a few clicks to get things posted.  One of my goals is to always have two weeks worth of posts completed, so that I’m not scrambling at the last minute to get something up because something unexpected happened (like the Invasion of the Snot Monster) and I wasn’t prepared.  Therefore, the Project will start up again on April 4th, after I get back from Florida.

I also want to start introducing new products.  I have a lot of ideas: more bracelets, earrings, framed prints of some of my Badly Drawn Designs, Rewondered clothes (reworked and upcycled from used items), clothing and costume pieces inspired by items available in the City of Heroes costume creator, altered art collages featuring motivational quotes… just to name a few!  The widget on my website shows the last 25 items I added to my Etsy shop, so my plan is to create 25 “samples” for each idea and post one set every Tuesday, beginning April 10th.

The other big goal for this month is to rework my business plan, and see what I can do about getting some funding.  I’ve been looking into various crowdfunding sites, like IndieGoGo, and I’m trying to figure out the best way to present my ideas.  Should I look to fund the entire business or try a series of smaller campaigns for particular new product ideas?  What kind of perks can I offer to entice people to donate?  If you have any ideas, I’m happy to hear them!  And if you want to donate something now, you can do so via my ChipIn. 🙂

I will be keeping you updated on my progress this month, and posting some teaser pictures as I get things done.  I’ll also put up a poll asking which of my ideas you’d like to see first, so please be sure to check back often and give me your vote!

But for now, I need to get back to sorting beads!  😀


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